Friday, February 29, 2008

Lee Byeong-heon's threatening' bloody muscles' in Hollywood

The still-cuts from the Korean Waves star, Lee Byeong-Heon's first Hollywood debut film, "I Come with the Rain" were finally released.

Recently, the photos were uploaded to an American film site, in which Lee Byeong-Heon showed off his powerfully built body. His bloodied body and the bloodthirsty expression were frightening.

"I Come with the Rain" is directed by Director Tran Anh Hung ("Mui du du xanh" -"L'odeur de la papaye verte" ("The Scent of Green Papaya"), "Le Van Loc" ("Cyclo")) and is a collaborate work between France and America. Lee Byeong-Heon is appearing as a head of Hong Kong mafia.

Other casts include a Hollywood star, Josh Hartnett; a Chinese star, Daniel Woo; and the top Japanese actor, Kimura Takuya. Director Tran Anh Hung's wife, Tran Nu Yen-Khe, is also appearing as Lee Byeong-Heon's wife in the film.

On the other hand, Lee Byeong-Heon is still in Los Angeles to shoot a film "G.I.Joe" which is based on a popular animation.

source: hancinema
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hollywood Calls for Rain

Korean pop idol Rain has snagged his first leading role in a Hollywood film. The singer and actor told a press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Wednesday that he has been cast as the hero in the action movie "Ninja Assassin". The movie is to be produced by Joel Silver, the producer of "V for Vendetta," and the Wachowski Brothers, the directors of "The Matrix."

"It's such a huge opportunity that I feel like I'm dreaming," Rain said. "I'm not only working out to lose weight and training to build the perfect body, I'm also studying English hard."

This won't be Rain's first Hollywood movie. He recently shot a supporting role in the Wachowski Brothers' "Speed Racer", which is scheduled to open in theaters in May.

"You'll see Korean characters appear in some scenes in the movie," Rain said with a grin. "That's because I lobbied and sometimes pressured the producers to feature the Korean language."

source: Chosun ilbo

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Park Chan-wook Chooses Heroine for Vampire Movie

Acclaimed director Park Chan-wook has chosen Kim Ok-bin as the star of his next film "Evil Live."

The spotlight had been on just who the female star would be. The part involves many adult scenes alongside male heart throb Song Kang-ho, who claimed the main role in the international hit film "The Host."

"Evil Live" or "Bakjwi" in Korean is a melo-horror film of a human-turned-vampire's affair with a married woman.

Director Park, known for his award-winning film "Old Boy" and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance", says he chose Kim for her unique talents that allow her to assume a vast range of characters.

Shooting will begin in March.

Arirang News

Source: Chosun

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Film 'Open city' is going to be made into a drama by the production company of upcoming drama "On-air"

Kim Myeong-min and Son Ye-jin's latest film, "Open City" (directed by Lee Sang-ki) is going to be made into a drama.
The film reached 1 million audiences within 11 days of its release, displaying the power of Korean films in January. The drama production, K-dream, which produced Lee Seo-jin and Kim Jeong-eun couple's drama "Lovers", decided to make the film into a drama.

The spokesman from the K-dream said, the drama "Open City" (the title of the drama is yet to be finalised) will be made into a total of 16 episodes, focusing on real depiction of pocket-picking crime and the joys and sorrows of metropolitan city polices who chase after them. The drama "Open City" is going to be created by the hands of the best producers and staff in the field and is soon to start making production preparations, aiming to be on-air this winter.

Because the film "Open City" just entered the 3rd week of showing at the cinemas, the news of making it into a drama have gained a great attention from the entertainment industry. In the past, the decision of making popular films into dramas was made well after it was off the cinema screen or if the film was based on an original work, the copyrights for both film and drama were bought at the same time.

The film "Open City" is a serious real crime action film, which involves the life and works of metropolitan city police and the shocking reality of pocket-picking crimes, which never been issued in the history of Korean films. Upon its release, the film gained much attention from various drama productions due to its unique materials and attractive characters.
Meanwhile, K-dream's latest drama, "On-air" is going to be televised this February, starring Song Yoon-ah, Kim Ha-neul, Lee Beom-soo and Park Yong-ha.

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