Monday, October 30, 2006

Over 80 Korean films to be shown at American Film Market

SEOUL, Oct. 30 (Yonhap) -- Most South Korean films released this year, including Lee Joon-ik's "Radio Star" and Kim Ki-duk's "Time," will be entered in the American Film Market this week in an effort to find foreign buyers, the market's Web site said Monday.

The American Film Market that opens Wednesday in Los Angeles will screen 85 Korean films among the 589 films it offers over nine days, it said.

The Korean list reflects a wide spectrum of local productions, ranging from the gender-bending monster movie and blockbuster hit "The Host" by Bong Joon-ho, human drama "Radio Star," to the real-life film about a disabled man, "Barefoot, Gibong" by Kwon Soo-kyung.

"Woman on the Beach" and "Time" by Hong Sang-soo and Kim Ki-duk, acclaimed but commercially underrated South Korean directors, will also be shown in L.A.
"Time" and "The Host" have been selected to be screened in the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival along with "Family Ties" by Kim Tae-yong.

South Korea's movie industry has shown a steady growth since the mid 1990s, with its annual production now surpassing 80 movies. Their overseas sales last year reached US$76 million, up from US$7 million in 2000.

"The fact that most of the Korean movies go to foreign film markets suggests that they now have a mature sales network and also that there's a growing demand abroad for Korean films," Hwang Dong-mee from the public Korean Film Commission said.
The American Film Market is considered one of the largest of its kind in the world along with one at Cannes. South Korea's Pusan International Film Festival inaugurated its own Asian Film Market this year.

credit rubie soompi
Source: Yonhap News

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Storms Coming to Las Vegas This ChristmasRain

K-pop superstar Rain hopes to take Las Vegas by storm this Christmas season. He will be appearing at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace as part of his quest to make inroads into the North American market.

The decision to stage the concert at the 3,800-seat venue is understood to have been made at Rain’s insistence. Of the many places that U.S. entertainment firms offered to the artist, it was where both Celine Dion and Elton John played that Rain thought he should kick things off.

After the opener in Vegas, Rain’s world tour will span 35 performances. This time the artist has taken on some of the world’s top concert producing talent for this make-or-break tour, including stage director Jaime King, lighting specialist Roy Bennett, and visual director Dago Gonzalez. Online reservations at Ticketmaster ( have already begun. Seats range from US$98-$260.

To get his blood pumping for his assault on the U.S. mainland, Rain will warm up to the always-affectionate home crowd with a serious of concerts Dec.15, 16 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance :awards

Movie Awards : korean movie Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

Blue Dragon Film Awards 2005
best movie
best actress LEE Young-Ae
Nomination best director
PARK Chan-Wook
Nomination best cinematography
JEONG Jeong-Hun
Nomination best art direction
CHO Hwa-Seong
Nomination best music
JO Yeong-Wuk
Nomination best visual effects

Grand Bell Awards - Festival de Daejong 2006

Nomination best movie
Nomination best actress
LEE Young-Ae
Nomination best director
PARK Chan-Wook
Nomination best new actor
KIM Shi-Hu

Hong-Kong Awards 2006
Nomination best asian movie

Paeksang Arts Awards 2006
Nomination best movie
best actress
LEE Young-Ae
Nomination best director
PARK Chan-Wook

More About Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

- Genre Mystery/Thriller
- Director Park Chan Wook
- Cast Lee Yeong Ae, Choi Min Sik
- Runtime 112minutes

This is the story of LEE Geum-ja, a beautiful and deadly young woman, half angel and half devil, as serene as she is furious. After going through a hard time, Geum-ja found herself sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for murder. After being released from prison, she is on a mission of vengeance. Geum-ja sets about putting her precise plan in motion.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

kim tae hee :interview

Talented young korean actress Kim Tae-hee, 23, came into the spotlight as she realistically portrayed an evil woman in the TV drama, “The Stairway to Heaven(천국의 계단)”, and proved her potential to the public. It is still hard to believe that she is an inexperienced actress who made her debut only one year ago. Chance has nothing to do with her present success; Kim is known as an extremely hardworking person. There is something special in her after all.

Q: You have recently risen to stardom. How do you feel?

Kim: I’m very happy, and I’m enjoying my life as an actress very much. I sometimes miss the time when I was just an ordinary student, though. These days, many people recognize me, so I have to be more prudent about what I do even when I’m with my friends.

Q: You played an evil character perfectly in the drama, The Stairway to HeavenI wonder if the character is similar to your real-life personality..

Kim: Of course not!(laugh) When I decided to take the role, everybody stopped me because I
have a totally different personality from the character. Unlike the character in the drama, I’m a very frank person. People can read my mind just by looking at me.

Q:It must have been very hard for you to play the role of the deceitful Han Yu-ri.

Kim: You can say that again. In order to act realistically, I needed to understand the character’s mentality. However, I couldn’t fully empathize with her because she was such an unrealistic character. Of course, everybody has both a good and an evil side to them. But Han Yu-ri only reveals her evil side, which a normal person wouldn’t do.

Q: Your acting was very impressive in the drama. Because of that, people could assume that you are evil like her.

Kim: You have hit the nail on the head. People say that I sometimes behave as bad as Han Yu-ri.(laugh) I felt bad at first, but now I regard it as a compliment because that means I was totally immersed in the role.

Q: Did you find it difficult to appear in two different dramas simultaneously?

Kim: Needless to say, it was very hard. In the morning, I had to be a nice person as my character in “The Heungbu’s Gourd Has Opened is angelic. Then, in the evening, I had to become a horrible and mean person for The Stairway to Heaven. It was like having a dual life. As I’m still an inexperienced actress, it wasn’t easy at all.

Q: Which character was easier to do, the good-natured or the ill-natured one?

Kim: The former, of course. She’s a more realistic character and I have many similarities with her. I could fully express her feelings and empathize with the character.

Q: As a novice, acting must be difficult. Have you ever regretted becoming an actress?

Kim: I know that acting is never easy, and that I have lots more things to learn. But I don’t have any regrets nor do I want to give up. Instead, I try to overcome the difficulties I encounter. Acting is like a battle with myself, and I want to be the winner.

Q: What kind of character do you want to challenge in the future?

Kim: I want to play a happy-go-lucky woman like the heroine of the movie Amelie. She shares her love and hopes with other people, and that makes them happy. I want to do the same thing.

Q: Let’s assume that you are competing with your brother for a prize at an awards ceremony, would you let him win?

Kim: If that happens to us, that would be an honor to my family. And of course, I would love to give the prize to my brother with pleasure. What a nice sister I am!(laugh)

Q: I heard you have some unusual nicknames.

Kim: They call me a ‘Senseless Lady’ because sometimes I get a little senseless. These days, however, I try to be more sensitive. Another name is ‘Head banging.’ I’m, a little embarrassed to explain how I got this nickname, but I’ll tell you anyway. I often fell into a doze during classes and looked as if I were head banging just like a heavy metal singer.

Q: If you could become anyone you wanted for one day, who would you want to be, and what would you want to do?

Kim: If that is possible, I’ll definitely become Nicole Kidman, my favorite actress, and appear in the film, Moulin Rouge. Her acting was marvelous in the movie, and it inspired me a lot. I want to become an accomplished actress like her.

Credit : Kim Tae Hee - Home of The AngleSource :

Lee Jun-ki Appears in Korea-Japan Joint Film

Actor Lee Jun-ki has been cast in the Korea-Japan joint production "First Snow" directed by Han Sang-hee, who earned a reputation for producing music videos by working with famous singers including Rain and Ivy.

The Japanese Sponichi Shimbun reported Wednesday that Lee had participated in the movie's first shoot in Kyoto on Monday, with rising Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki playing opposite his character.

Lee plays a Korean university student who moves to Japan when his father gets a job there as an exchange professor. He has a brief but romantic fling with a high school girl (Miyazaki) with a complicated and difficult family background.

The film is co-sponsored by CJ Entertainment and Kadokawa Herald Pictures and produced by Guardtec, which also produced Lee's recent film "Fly Daddy Fly."

The two stars expressed their hopes in shooting the film. "I hope this film helps improve friendly relations between the two nations," Lee said. Miyazaki, who is appearing in a foreign film for the first time, said, "I will study Korean hard so that I can speak it naturally and act naturally."
The 21-year-old actress rose to stardom through her role in "Nana," which became a big hit in Japan last year. Despite her short career, she has been recognized for her performances several times. She received the best actress award at the Festival des 3Continents in 2002 and the young actress award at the Nikkan Sports Film Award.

"First Snow" will end shooting by the end of the year and be released concurrently in Korea and Japan next spring.

Source: KBS Global,
credit: rubie soompi

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lee Jun Ki : top new korean actor

korean actor : lee jun ki


Name : Lee Jun Ki (Joon-Ki, Lee)

Birthday .: April 17, 1982

Height : 178 cm

Weight : 66.5 kg

Blood type: B

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: computer games, soccer/football, internet, singing and dancing.

Specialty: Tae Kwon Do 3rd Degree, Hapkido, Taekkyeon 1st degree

Languages: Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese

Ways of relieving stress: dance, sing and dance while drinking

Favorites food: Steaks, curry and Pizza

Favorite colour: red and blue

Favorite drink: Coffee

Favorite animal: puppy

Favorite season: autumn and spring

Most saddest moment: when his grandmother died

Hobbies : Martial Arts, Watching Movies

Education : Seoul Arts University - Movie Part

Debut : 'So, Basic' Advertisement Model (2001)

Awards : 2006 Baek Sang Best New Comer Male, 2006
Baek Sang Popularity Award, 2006
Baek Sang ‘In style’ Fashion Award, 2006
Netizen Best New Comer Male, 2006 Max Movie
Best Actor (King’s Man – Lee Junki)


Fly Daddy (2006)King's Man (The King and the Clown)(2005)

Flying Boys (Ballet Dancing School) (2004)

Hotel Venus (2004)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

korean film festival in China

Korean films special
By Xu Wei (Shanghai Daily)Updated: 2006-10-23 09:45

Poster of Eraser in My Head, one of the Korean films on exhibition.The Korean Film Festival showcases memorable films from the past decade when movies flowered. There's a murder mystery, a romance and a martial arts epic, plus a Korean cultural feast, including drum dancing and hip-hop, writes Xu Wei.

The Korean Film Festival will run from Sunday to October 29 at the new Shanghai Shangying CGV Cinema. It's part of a Korean culture feast, including drum dancing, hip-hop, a concert of film songs, a fashion show and a food fest.

Among the 11 films to be screened are South Korea's top-grossing movie of 2003, "Memories of Murder," plus the romance "Eraser in My Head," "The Classic," "You Are My Sunshine" and martial arts blockbuster "Musa." All of them are from the past glowing decade of South Korean cinema.

"There are a few cultural similarities between South Korea and China," says Wu Hehu, deputy director of Shanghai United Cinema Lines. "South Korean movies are known for poetic cinematography and high artistry. We hope the festival will promote cultural exchanges."
Among all films, "Memories of Murder," directed by Bong Jun-ho, is considered a Korean classic. Based on an actual serial murder case from the late 1980s, the movie took in about US$31 million at the box office and won Best Asian Film Award at the 2003 Tokyo International Film Festival.

The epic "Musa," which stars Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and South Korean actors Ahn Sung-kee and Ju Jin-mo, cost US$60 million and took five years to produce. It is one of the biggest-budget South Korean movies.
Depicting the plight of exiled medieval South Korean ambassadors to China, the film focuses on the tensions that develop within the group as they attempt to make their way home to South Korea against all odds. However, it is not a typical, stylized martial-arts film similar to Hong Kong productions. With more realistic and moving elements, the movie satisfies both art-house and action fans.

During the festival, movie fans will have an opportunity to meet and talk with veteran director Kim Sung-su of "Musa" and popular actors such as Jeong U-seong of "Eraser in My Head" and Kim Tae-hee of "Sun Mool."

Korean Film Festival
Date: October 22-29
Address: 3/F, 1878 Gonghexin Rd
Tickets: 20-40 yuan
Tel: 021-5665122
Films are given in original Korean version with Chinese subtitles
credit: chinadaily

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



The Pusan International Film Festival raised anchor at the Suyoungman Yacht Stadium on Thursday to embark on its nine-day voyage. A galaxy of stars from Korea and overseas turned out for the event. Ahn Sung-ki and Moon Geun-young took the red carpet first, followed by some 150 Korean stars, Gam Woo-sung, Kang Soo-yeon, Kim Tae-hee, Park Joong-hoon, Uhm Jung-hwa, Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Byung-hun and Lee Jun-ki among them.
Choi Un-hee, the widow of director Shin Sang-ok and Andy Lau, winner of the Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award, were there along with the Hungarian director and this year's jury foreman Istvan Szabo, receiving a warm welcome from the 5,000 fans gathered. This year, 245 films from 63 countries will be screened, 64 of them world premieres.
view star photo and read more
Source: Digital ChosunIlbo

Sunday, October 08, 2006

photo:rain new movie cyborg girl

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Directed by Park Chan-wook)

New movie by Park Chan-wook (old boy,Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)
starring:Rain,Im soo jung

K-pop star Rain (24) has accepted a starring role in director Park Chan-wook’s next movie titled "I'm a Cyborg, but It's Ok" produced by Moho Film. Scheduled to start shooting in March or April, "I'm a Cyborg" is this year’s much-awaited project by Park, who made his name worldwide by winning the Grand Prix at Cannes with "Old Boy." The new movie is about a girl who suffers from the delusion that she is a combat cyborg. Sectioned in a mental hospital, she falls in love with a boy who thinks he can steal people’s souls with a machine he has created. The chief of Rain’s management company JVP Entertainment, Hong Seung-song, says the fledgling actor’s schedule was already booked up for the year. "The reason Rain decided to make his screen debut with the movie lies partly in the re######tion of the director and partly in his intention to establish himself as an actor with this work," he said. Rain has appeared in several TV dramas including "Full House" and now seems to hope for a chance to broaden his acting skills by starring in the movie.

Im Soo-jung's New Film "lump of sugar" Poster

Im Soo-jung's New Film "lump of sugar" Poster
Director : Lee Hwan-Kyung

comedy korean movie synopsis:My Little Bride

Boeun (Moon Geun-yeong) is an ordinary high school girl who worries about SAT's and has a crush on her school's baseball team ace, named Jungwoo. One day, Boeun's grandfather orders her to marry Sangmin (Kim Rae-won).When they were very young, Boeun's and Sangmin's grandfathers had promised that they would become in-laws. Despite their opposition, they are forced to marry because of the strong influence of Boeun's grandfather. Despite Boeun's undercover married life, she pretends that she doesn't have a husband and starts dating Jungwoo. Boeun believes that she can manage both men and live a double life. Everything goes smoothly until Sangmin starts working at Boeun's school as a student teacher.

Synopsis:Kwon Sang Woo new movie almost love

almost love
Close childhood friends, Ji Hwan (Kwon, Sang Woo) and Dal Lae (Kim, Ha Neul), are both starting college at the same school. Ji Hwan’s hero is Bruce Lee, and his dream is to become a world movie action hero, and Dal Lae wants to become an actress. The two are always at each other’s throats, and are brutally honest with each other. However, they are always there for each other when each of them need help, and their friendship is the envy of many people.One day, Dal Lae begins dating Young Hun, one of Ji Hwan’s classmate, who is the class leader and an all-round athlete. Ji Hwan also begins dating the beautiful Ji Min, not in the least comparable to Dal Lae. That is when strange vibes begin to surface between Ji Hwan and Dal Lae. Everyone else knows except for these two. These two who’ve been friends for 13 years do not want to admit that they are in love under the guise of friendship. Will this comic romance fantasy they have created make them realize that they are really in love with each other before it’s too late
information source:
Filming locations : beautiful place in korean film
Swiri : "Where the Sky Meets the Sea: Jungmun Beach, Jeju-do"
my sassy girl : "Vows Under a Tree: Baekun Nongjang Farm
"It's a Date: Misari Regatta Course"
"A Special Birthday Party at the Amusement Park: Gwacheon Seoul Land"
Guns and Talk : "The Perch of a Hired Assassin: Seoul Arts Center"
Taegukgi : The brothers' happy moments
The wintertime battle scenes
The battle scenes of Pyeongyang
Duelist : Namnyangju Studio Complex

Saturday, October 07, 2006

All-Time Korean Movie Box Office TOP 10

All-Time Korean Movie Box Office TOP 10”:

1. “King and the Clown” (2006, 11.74 Million viewers (Still Showing))
2. “Tae Guk Gi (2004, 11.74 Million viewers)
3. “Sihmido (2004, 11.08 Million viewers)
4. “Friend” (2001, 8.18 Million viewers)
5. “Welcome to Dongmakgo” (2005, 8 Million viewers)
6. “Shiri” (1999, 6.21 Million viewers)
7. “My Boss, My Student” (2006, 6 Million viewers (Still Showing))
8. “Joint Security Area” (2000, 5.83 Million viewers)
9. “Marrying Mafia 2” (2005, 5.66 Million viewers)
10. “Memories of Murder” (2003, 5.50 Million viewers)

King and the Clown chosen as Korea's Oscar entry

Korea's Oscar entry this year

KOFIC has announced that LEE Joon-ik's King and the Clown will be Korea's submission for the Foreign Language Film category of the 79th Academy Awards
The film was selected by a KOFIC-appointed committee after considering factors such as the film's overall aesthetic and commercial quality, its potential to be selected for the final five nominations, the director's reputation, the film's overseas potential, etc
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Friday, October 06, 2006

Kang Dong-won to Appear in New Movie

Innocent Steps

Innocent Steps

Directed by: Park Young-hoon
Starring :
Moon Geun-yeong . . . Jang Chae-rin
Park Geon-hyeong . . . Na Yeong-sae
Yoon Chan . . . Jeong Hyeon-soo
Park Won-sang . . . Ma Sang-doo
Kim Gi-soo . . . Lee Cheol-yong
Lee Dae-yeong


Runtime: 110 mins

il mare


Directed by: Lee Hyeon-Seung

Starring :Lee Jung-jae
Jeon Ji-hyun

Released: 2000

Runtime: 96 mins

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The King and the Clown

The King and the Clown
Cast: Kam Woo-Sung (Spider Forest, "Alone in Love"), Jeong Jin-Yung (Guns and Talks, Wild Card), Lee Joon-Ki ("My Girl", Fly Daddy), Kang Seong-Yeon ("Happy Together"), Yoo Hae-Jin (Public Enemy, Attack the Gas Station)Directed by: Lee Jun-Ik (Hwangsanbul)
Year: 2005
Runtime: 119 min.

Shadowless Sword

Shadowless Sword
Starring: Lee Seo-Jin ("Damo", "Phoenix"), Yoon Soy (Arahan), Lee Gi-Yong, Shin Hyeon-Joon (Bichunmoo, Guns and Talks)
Directed by: Kim Yeong-Joon (Bichunmoo)
Year: 2005
Runtime: 104 min.

Kick the Moon

Kick the Moon
Cast: Lee Sung-Jae (Holiday, Daisy), Cha Seung-Won (The Big Scene, My Teacher Mr. Kim), Kim Hye-Soo (Red Shoes, "Did We Really Love"), Lee Won-Jong ("Emperor of the Sea", Attack the Gas Station), Yoo Hae-Jin (The King and the Clown, Public Enemy)
Directed by: Kim Sang-Jin (Attack the Gas Station, Jail Breakers)
Year: 2001
Runtime: 118 min.

April Snow

April Snow
Cast: Bae Yong-Joon ("Winter sonata", Untold Scandal), Son Ye-Jin (The Art of Seduction, A Moment to Remember)
Directed by: Heo Jin-Ho (One Fine Spring Day, Christmas in August)
Year: 2005
Runtime: 105 min.

The Beast and the Beauty

The Beast and the Beauty (Ya-soo-wa Mi-nyeo)
Cast: Ryu Seung-Beom (Blood Tie, Crying Fist), Shin Min-Ah ("A Love to Kill", A Bittersweet Life), Kim Kang-Woo (The Aggressives, Silmido), Ahn Kil-Kang (The City of Violence, Crying Fist)
Directed by: Lee Gye-Byeok
Year: 2005
Runtime: 101 min.Rating: 7

2009 Lost Memories

2009 Lost Memories
Directed by: Lee Si-Myeong
Starring : Jang Dong Gun Toru Nakamura Seo Jin-Ho Shin Gu
Ahn Gil-Gang Cheon Ho-Jin Kim Eung-Su Ahn Gye-Beom
Released:Runtime: 135 mins

christmas in august

christmas in august
Directed by: Heo Jin-Ho
Starring : Oh Ji-Hye Shim Eun-Ha Han Seok-Gyu
Released: 1998
Runtime: 97 mins
Award: FIPRESCI Award from Flanders International Film Festival 1998
directed by: Lee Eon-hie
starring : Lim Soo-Jung Kim Rae-Won Lee Mi-Suk
Released : 2003
Runtime: 110 mins.

A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters
Directed by : Kim Ji-woon
Starring : Im Su-jeong Moon Geun-young Yeom Jeong-ah Kim Kap-su
Released : June 13, 2003(South Korea)
Runtime : 115 mins.
story:Two girls discover a malignant force in their home while their stepmother's behavior becomes increasingly erratic.