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korean film festival in China

Korean films special
By Xu Wei (Shanghai Daily)Updated: 2006-10-23 09:45

Poster of Eraser in My Head, one of the Korean films on exhibition.The Korean Film Festival showcases memorable films from the past decade when movies flowered. There's a murder mystery, a romance and a martial arts epic, plus a Korean cultural feast, including drum dancing and hip-hop, writes Xu Wei.

The Korean Film Festival will run from Sunday to October 29 at the new Shanghai Shangying CGV Cinema. It's part of a Korean culture feast, including drum dancing, hip-hop, a concert of film songs, a fashion show and a food fest.

Among the 11 films to be screened are South Korea's top-grossing movie of 2003, "Memories of Murder," plus the romance "Eraser in My Head," "The Classic," "You Are My Sunshine" and martial arts blockbuster "Musa." All of them are from the past glowing decade of South Korean cinema.

"There are a few cultural similarities between South Korea and China," says Wu Hehu, deputy director of Shanghai United Cinema Lines. "South Korean movies are known for poetic cinematography and high artistry. We hope the festival will promote cultural exchanges."
Among all films, "Memories of Murder," directed by Bong Jun-ho, is considered a Korean classic. Based on an actual serial murder case from the late 1980s, the movie took in about US$31 million at the box office and won Best Asian Film Award at the 2003 Tokyo International Film Festival.

The epic "Musa," which stars Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and South Korean actors Ahn Sung-kee and Ju Jin-mo, cost US$60 million and took five years to produce. It is one of the biggest-budget South Korean movies.
Depicting the plight of exiled medieval South Korean ambassadors to China, the film focuses on the tensions that develop within the group as they attempt to make their way home to South Korea against all odds. However, it is not a typical, stylized martial-arts film similar to Hong Kong productions. With more realistic and moving elements, the movie satisfies both art-house and action fans.

During the festival, movie fans will have an opportunity to meet and talk with veteran director Kim Sung-su of "Musa" and popular actors such as Jeong U-seong of "Eraser in My Head" and Kim Tae-hee of "Sun Mool."

Korean Film Festival
Date: October 22-29
Address: 3/F, 1878 Gonghexin Rd
Tickets: 20-40 yuan
Tel: 021-5665122
Films are given in original Korean version with Chinese subtitles
credit: chinadaily

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