Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hollywood Filmmaker Shows Interest in Remaking "The Host"

Renowned Hollywood filmmaker Michael Bay is interested in producing a remake of the movie "The Host," according to Hollywood film producer Roy Lee, who bought the copyrights to a future remake.

Lee said the script of the upcoming remake of "The Host" is currently under adaptation and that the major production firm Universal Pictures would produce the remake.

Lee has so far remade a host of Japanese, Hong Kong and Korean movies in Hollywood including "The Ring," "The Grudge" and "The Lake House." Currently, he is preparing the remakes of the Korean movies "My Sassy Girl," "Old Boy" and "The Poisoning" in addition to "The Host."

Lee will present on the popularity of Korean culture overseas at the Seoul Digital Forum on May 31.

source: kbs grobal

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Korean Actress Wins Best Actress Award at Cannes

Korean actress Jeon Do-yeon has won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role as a grieving mother and wife in "Secret Sunshine."

Jeon played a piano instructor in the film who struggles to forgive the killer of her son.

The 34-year-old actress said she will never forget everyone at Cannes who welcomed the
film and thanked former South Korean culture minister and director of the film, Lee Chang-dong,and her costar in the film, actor Song Kang-ho.

It is the first time for a South
Korean actress to win an international film award since Kang Soo-yeon won best actress at the Venice Film Festival 20 years ago.

[ Secret Sunshine poster ]

"Secret Sunshine," a melodrama about death and faith, was one of the 22 films competing for the prize at the French film festival.

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu won the
Cannes Film Festival's top prize, the Golden Palm, with "Four Months, Three Weeks and Two Days," a harrowing portrait of an illegal abortion in Communist-era Romania.


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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Song Hye-kyo promotes Hwang Jini

Korean actress
Song Hye-kyo and the main cast of movie Hwang Jini attended a special movie screening for the press on Wednesday (May 23) in Seoul.

Yoo Ji-tae is the leading actor of the movie

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source: stareastasia
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Breath" Draws Spotlight in Cannes

Director Kim Ki-deok's movie "Breath" has drawn significant attention in Cannes.

The movie, which was invited to compete at the 60th Cannes Film Festival, received a favorable response after it was screened May 19 and has grossed impressive profits.

The world-renowned movie magazine Variety quoted the firm in charge of the movie's overseas marketing as saying that the movie has been sold to film festivals in Poland, Singapore and Lithuania.

"Breath" made headlines when it was sold prior to its opening to France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey and Greece.

One foreign news agency expressed hopes that Korean filmmakers can produce more "charming films like 'Breath.'"

Attention is now focused on whether "Breath" will bring an award to director Kim Ki-deok, who has previously won awards at the Berlin and Venice film festivals.

source: kbs global

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Monday, May 21, 2007

[ Korean movie 2007 ] My Mighty Princess : Shin Min-ah

Cast:Shin Min-ah,Yoo Geon, On Joo Wan
Director:Jae-young Kwak (Director of My Sassy Girl/ The Classic /Wind Struck)
Genre:Action / Comedy / Romance
Release Date: July 2007 (South Korea)
Runtime: South Korea:112 min
My Mighty Princess Trailer
credit>>jhing,orithao@soompi &
Credit: FairyMina ,ungie , jhing ,orithao,soompi,,

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Kim Rae Won, returns to silver screen as K-1 player in Miracle

Title : Miracle
Genre : Romance, comedy

Filming starts : May 2007

Opens : Fall 2007

Director : KANG Suk Bum

Actor Kim Rae Won returns to the big screen as a K-1 fighter.

Kim Rae Won’s next movie
Miracle’ will starts filming in May. ‘Miracle’, a romantic comedy, is the new project of director Kang Suk Bum, who’s attracted much attention for directing ‘Sunflower’ last year.

Kim Rae Won
collaborated closely with director Kang Suk Bum last year through ‘Sunflower’. Kim Rae Won happily accepted his invitation to play in his new movie. This time Kim Rae Won plays a Taekwondo teacher and K-1 fighter. The love story spins around his dates and fights with a woman played by a top actress.

The proposed female lead is identified as top star A. Kim Rae Won has started a long series of physical training as well as Taekwondo practices for some months, preparing for the movie.

According to a production group member of ‘Miracle’, Kim Rae Won felt the strong love of movies while working for ‘Sunflower’. This time he’ll use his most skilled style to play a romantic comedy character, completely different from that in ‘Sunflower’.

On the other hand, he’s been famous as a
hallyu star in Japan. He recently participated in a Japanese movie ‘Shadow of the Flower’ which will be his debut on Japan’s big screen.

Some time ago, some Japanese fans flew to Korea to see
Kim Rae Won at the filming set of ‘Sunflower’ and not long ago, Kim Rae Won held a special fans meeting for his fans in Japan. As a new generation hallyu star, Kim Rae Won’s new movie ‘Miracle’ will surely arouse great attention among his Japanese fans.

English translation by PChoi, based on Chinese by 一冉81 of]

credit source: PChoi@soompi

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Rain Lands Part in Hollywood Movie

The Korean singer and actor Rain has a foot in the door in Hollywood after being cast in "Speed Racer," the next film by the Wachowski brothers, who created "The Matrix." Rain is to play a character who takes part in high-speed car races to secure his father's company. Rain’s manager claimed the K-pop star’s role "holds the key to the movie.” “Though it is a supporting role, Rain will manage the flow of the movie between the two main parts." The character’s name has not been decided.

He was picked by the director after competing with 20 Asian actors including top stars in Asia. Rain met with the Wachowski bothers at Berlin in April. He will participate in a production press conference in Berlin on May 31, and start filming in the German capital for two months after finishing his world tour in June.

"Speed Racer" is based on the popular Japanese animation "Mach Go Go." The movie is expected to be released next May and cost W260 billion (US$1=W924). Emile Hirsch, who starred in "The Girl Next Door," is to play the hero Speed. Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Christina Ricci will also appear in supporting roles.

"It is my debut in Hollywood. I will do my best, taking each step cautiously,” Rain was quoted in a press release as saying. It is the singer’s second movie role after "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK" directed by Park Chan-wook. Park Joong-hoon was the first Korean actor to appear in a Hollywood movie.

source: Chosun Ilbo

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chae Tae-hyun: I, too, will be a father.

A little shy of a year since marrying his first love, actor Cha Tae-hyun has announced that he will be a father.

On his KBS 2FM radio show, which he co-hosts with actor Ahn Jae-wook (“Ahn Jae-wook and Cha Tae-hyun’s Mr. Radio”), Cha announced that his wife, Choi Seok-eun, was pregnant.

Cha expressed his joy, revealing that he had had a feeling his wife was pregnant but wasn’t sure until a hospital exam confirmed that his wife was 6 weeks pregnant.
He expressed his hope that his baby will be born healthy and become someone who will help society in the future.

source: KBS

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'Miryang' to Be Released at Home, Cannes May 24

The Korean film 'Miryang' starring Jeon Do-yeon and Song Kang-ho will concurrently be released domestically and at the 60th Cannes Film Festival in France on May 24.

The film's distributor Cinema Service coordinated the date of the domestic release with the date of the film's official preview for competition at Cannes.

Before the preview screening, Jeon, Song and director Lee Chang-dong will attend a red carpet and photo event and then watch the movie with other foreign film officials.

source: kbs global

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Actresses Jang, Yang, Lee Top Chinese Poll

Korean actresses Jang Seo-hui, Yang Mi-kyung and Lee Young-ae ranked first to third among actresses in a Chinese survey on the most influential Korean actors and actresses.

Jang, who starred in the Korean drama 'Miss Mermaid,' was the highest ranking actress at 7th overall, following male stars Bae Yong-jun, Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo, An Jae-wook, Kim Seong-taek and Ryu Si-won.

Following Jang was veteran actress Yang Mi-kyung and Lee Young-ae, stars of the hit Korean drama 'Daejanggum' (Jewel in the Palace). Then came Choi Ji-woo, Song Hye-gyo, Son Ye-jin, Han Chae-young and Lee Dae-hae.

Among actors, Bae Yong-jun topped the list while 4th-ranking An Jae-wook again proved his decade-long popularity in China.

source: kbs global

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Japanese Fans Travel to Korea to See Jo Hyun-jae

Hundreds of Japanese fans of Korean actor Jo Hyun-jae are traveling to Seoul. The Japanese travel agency H.I.S. has introduced a tourism package that takes tourists on visits to the shooting locations of the horror film "GP506" starring Jo.

Jo's fans will leave Japan on May 25th and visit Korea's largest film complex in the Seoul suburb of Namyangju the next day. An impromptu fan meeting will take place at the film complex, where the visitors will be given ample opportunities to talk and take photos with Jo. Five lucky fans will receive Jo's personal items as prizes in a drawing.

"GP506" is Jo's first film in four years since his work "Untold Scandal" in 2003, in which he starred with Bae Young-jun and Jeon Do-yeon.

source: kbs grobal
photo GP506

photo credit: everjohyunjae
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Takuya Kimura meets Lee Byung-hun

Japanese star Takuya Kimura finally got to meet Korean star Lee Byung-hun in Pusan, Korea.

The 2 Asian stars will star in movie “Heroes,” a remake of popular same title Japanese drama starring Takuya Kimura and Takako Matsu.

The making of the movie has gathered huge media attention in Japan, and now getting huge coverage in Korea as well, thanks to Korean star Lee Byung-hun (left of the pic), who is starring in the movie as Takuya’s nemesis if not mistaken.

source: yummycelebrities

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kim Sun Ah Officially Casted In Movie "Girl Scouts"

Kim Sun Ah, who gained top star status after the success of the drama "My Lovely Sam Soon," has confirmed to appear in the movie "Girl Scouts" (by director Kim Sang Man).

After "My Lovely Sam Soon," Kim Sun Ah said that she had agreed to appear in "Thursday's Child" last May. But even after the filming started last September, due to the change of directors and production problems, her agency had cancelled her contract with the movie. "Thursdays Child" is directed by director Won Shi Yeon of the movie "A Bloody Aria," and the movie was changed to "Seven Days" with a change in the theme. This movie had also casted Kim Yoon Jin and Kim Mi Sook.

Meanwhile, "Girl Scouts" is a movie with a comic touch and is a criminal drama. When the head of a credit union disappears with millions of dollars of the credit union's money, four women create a team called "Bong Chon Girl Scouts Troop #3" to recover the stolen money and chaos ensues.

This movie was based on the work of Kim Seok Soo, who received the golden trophy at the First Gyeonggi Film Commission Scenario Awards. Mr. Kim made his name and gained popularity as the story writer for the internet comic series "Watangka."

Director Kim Sang Man was the art director of the movies "Happy End" and "Joint Security Area: JSA." He also designed the posters for the movies "Lady Vengeance," "Purpose of Love," "Host," and even was a music director for "Bloody Tie." "Girl Scouts" will be his debut as an executive director.

President Shim Bo Kyeong of the production company revealed that "there will be a variety of women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's who will appear. So far, Kim Sun Ah and Na Mun Hee have confirmed, and after the rest of the casting is done, the filming is planned to start in

source: Broasia

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