Sunday, May 06, 2007

Kim Sun Ah Officially Casted In Movie "Girl Scouts"

Kim Sun Ah, who gained top star status after the success of the drama "My Lovely Sam Soon," has confirmed to appear in the movie "Girl Scouts" (by director Kim Sang Man).

After "My Lovely Sam Soon," Kim Sun Ah said that she had agreed to appear in "Thursday's Child" last May. But even after the filming started last September, due to the change of directors and production problems, her agency had cancelled her contract with the movie. "Thursdays Child" is directed by director Won Shi Yeon of the movie "A Bloody Aria," and the movie was changed to "Seven Days" with a change in the theme. This movie had also casted Kim Yoon Jin and Kim Mi Sook.

Meanwhile, "Girl Scouts" is a movie with a comic touch and is a criminal drama. When the head of a credit union disappears with millions of dollars of the credit union's money, four women create a team called "Bong Chon Girl Scouts Troop #3" to recover the stolen money and chaos ensues.

This movie was based on the work of Kim Seok Soo, who received the golden trophy at the First Gyeonggi Film Commission Scenario Awards. Mr. Kim made his name and gained popularity as the story writer for the internet comic series "Watangka."

Director Kim Sang Man was the art director of the movies "Happy End" and "Joint Security Area: JSA." He also designed the posters for the movies "Lady Vengeance," "Purpose of Love," "Host," and even was a music director for "Bloody Tie." "Girl Scouts" will be his debut as an executive director.

President Shim Bo Kyeong of the production company revealed that "there will be a variety of women in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's who will appear. So far, Kim Sun Ah and Na Mun Hee have confirmed, and after the rest of the casting is done, the filming is planned to start in

source: Broasia

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gee said...

she was the best actress I've ever seen..She was so dedicated on her role and she's very professional.It might be comical,drama,or even romance shes in...I love her so much...I hope she'll be having drama again this 2010...many of her fans are waiting for it...thanks for these website anyway...Kim Sun Ah forever