Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Song Seung-Heon – Kwon Sang-Woo ‘Sukmyeong’ Crank-Up

The encounter of the three of Korea’s most handsome actors, Song Seung-Heon, Kwon Sang-Woo, and Ji-Sung, in the movie ‘Sukmyeong’ (means ‘Fate’, Director Kim Hae-Gon) was enough to make headlines as filming came to an end last Wednesday (12th).

In the last scene, Yeong-Hwan (Ji-Sung) is seen greeting Woo-Min (Song Seung-Heon), released from a 2-year imprisonment, after being betrayed by Cheol-Jung (Kwon Sang-Woo). The two actors naturally portray their characters, as Song Seung-Heon’s performance shows the sorrow and anger of being betrayed by a friend, while Ji-Sung acts the part of Yeong-Hwan, who greets a friend involved in a complicated situation.

Song Seung-Heon picked up smoking again after quitting due to the passion he put in to the filming of this production, stating, “It was a strange feeling shooting the first scene of the movie last.” He continued “The movie will be a great success, due to the hard work the staff and actors have all put in to the film.”

Song Seung-Heon and Kwon Sang-Woo are known to be very close friends off-screen, stimulating each other’s passion for the movie during filming and with an odd competitiveness of good intentions. The trailer that launched a few days ago has also been receiving hot reviews.

The casting of the Hallyu stars have been igniting international attention as the ‘Sukmyeong’ is to premier in the first half of next year.

source : tour2korea

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Kim Tae-hee Puts Up 'Fight' Against Critics

When people think of Kim Tae-hee, they often say she is beautiful but her acting still has a long way to go. Her perceived shortcomings in acting have been constantly talked about while she worked to be recognized as a true actor than a graduate of the elite Seoul National University. Can “Fight,” her new film opening on Dec. 13, change all that? The Chosun Ilbo met her to find out.

People say you have improved but still many say your acting is amateur.

In the past, I didn’t even realize I was bad. I was too busy. And even when I saw my shortcomings, I simply turned away. But about two or three months ago, I bought the DVDs for ‘Love Story in Harvard’ (Kim’s 2004 TV soap) and I was so embarrassed. Sure, I was sincere and I put in a lot of energy into it, but I simply wasn’t ready technically.”

Are you satisfied now?

I feel I have gotten better. Of course, I still have a long way to go.

How do you feel when people criticize your acting on the Internet?

I get frustrated and angry to the point of not wanting to live anymore. But at the same time, something inside me refuses to accept those comments and drives me to work harder to get recognition one day.”

Why do you have to act with all these people attacking you? You could lead a comfortable life by just shooting commercials.

When people are faced with something new and challenging, they get excited. In the past, acting was like a tough homework assignment, and I didn’t get any joy or sense of achievement from it. But these days, I feel I know what it is like to act and I think I’ll be truly happy when I become a great actress.”

Why did you choose the character in the film? She’s a divorcee and Seol Kyung-gu, who plays her ex-husband, is 12 years older.

Many people were against me doing this film too, asking why I’m trying to play a character who’s older than me. But the truth is, it’s hard to draw a stereotypical image of a divorcee or a married woman in Korea any more. They all look really young now. As for Seol, he felt more like a friend than any other actors that I had filmed with. I don’t know why, but the whole female crew liked him too.”

When frustrated, your character Jin-a puts on a purple wig and cries her eyes out, while Seol’s character Sang-min, a cleanliness freak, scrubs the bathtub. What does the purple wig signify?

I think it means hope. Reality bites, but the wig, in a surreal way, talks of future hope.

What do you do when you feel empty? Do you also cry like Jin-a?

I rely on my friends. I get lonely really easily and I can never overcome that by myself. But I want to be strong and independent one day.

Do you feel you were able to become one with the character?

I never intentionally tried to fall in love for the sake of gaining pointers for my acting, but experience did help. Of course, I never had the experience of marrying someone, and then hating the person once the fantasy is over. But I’m sure we all had similar experiences. Falling in love, I think, is crucial for acting.

When asked to describe you, people around you say two things: you are very claver to the point of being shrewd while almost narcissistic, and you are very naïve to the point of being simple.

What’s wrong with having confidence in yourself? I think every woman needs to be narcissistic to some degree. Women become more confident when they are beautiful, feminine, and adorable. As for being shrewd, I’m not because I simply haven’t had enough experience of life. In fact, there are certain things that people want to believe of me that are not true at all. Anyway, it hurts me to hear those comments.

Some say you approach acting intellectually, like a subject for study, rather than really feeling it.

What makes an actor? A senior professional told me that an actor is an actor because he has to learn constantly. I admit I want compliments like the ones I got in my schooldays. When we were shooting “Fight,” Seol told me that it’s really good to see me enjoying every moment of acting. He said he gets too sensitive and feels a lot of pressure. People think I’m always rational, but that’s not true.”

source: Chosun Ilbo

[ photo from Kim tae-hee new movie " the fight" ]

Official site : www.ssam2007.com

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The Railroad Wins Two Awards at Torino Fest

KIM Gang-woo received the Best Actor Award at the 25th Torino Film Festival for his acting in The Railroad. Director PARK Heung-sik’s film also won the Fipresci Award.

The Railroad
premiered successfully in 2006 at the Pusan International Film Festival in the New Current section and enjoyed a limited release in Korean cinemas around May 2007. The Railroad is PARK’s second feature film and was supported by the 2005 KOFIC Production Support for Low-budget Films.

KIM plays a man whose path crosses a woman portrayed by SOHN Tae-young. Both happened to be on the same train and end up together at the last stop before the North-South Korean border.

KIM is quickly rising to stardom this year because of the box office hit Le Grand Chef and is in the spotlight again because of the upcoming film Rainbow Eyes. SOHN featured in the assembly cast of Sad Movie and numerous television drama

Yi Ch'ang-ho (KOFIC)

source: KOFIC

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Monday, December 03, 2007

The 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Korean actress at The 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon

Daniel Henney wins Best New Actor

Jung Ryu Won wins Best New Actress

The 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Date: 23 November 2007

List of WINNERS at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Best Film - The Show Must Go On

Best Director - Huh Jin Ho (Happiness)

Best Leading Actor - Song Kang Ho (The Show Must Go On)

Best Leading Actress - Jeon Do Yeon (Secret Sunshine)

Best Supporting Actor - Kim Sang Ho (Happy Life)

Best Supporting Actress - Na Moon Hee (Cruel Winter Blues)

Best New Actor - Daniel Henney (My Father)

Best New Actress - Jung Ryu Won (Two Faces of My Girlfriend)

Best New Director - Kim Han-min (Paradise Murdered)

Best Original Screenplay - Kim Han Min (Paradise Murdered)

Best Cinematography - Yoon Nam Joo (Epitaph)

Best Lighting - Im Jae Young (Hwang Jin Yi)

Best Technology - The Restless

Best Art Direction - Epitaph

Best Sound - The Happy Life

Popularity Award - Kim Ah Jung, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Tae Hee, Hwang Jung Min

Congratulations to all the winners!
List of WINNERS Credit to Shirley@ soompi

Photo credit to popseoul,soompi

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jun Ji Hyun, "If all actors were like Hwang Jung Min"

"Thinking it would be nice if all actors were like Hwang Jung Min, I am currently greatly enjoying filming this movie," says Jun Ji Hyun of 'The man who used to be Superman.'

At the press conference held on the 28th, Jun Ji Hyun also commented, "I feel a lot of burden as I haven't acted in a
Korean film for a while, but I feel very good about the movie itself. Hwang Jung Min is a nice person beyond being an actor and I am also learning a lot (about acting)."

Jun Ji Hyun
recently finished filming 'Blood: The Last Vampire' in Hollywood making this is her first Korean piece since 'Daisy' which opened early last year.

She changed her style for the movie, changing her trademark long straight hair into a perm and lower bangs. She says, "I am very good at surviving. I don't put on makeup and my wardrobe is careless, but I am not concerning myself with it."

Hwang Jung Min added, "I think her look right now is sexier and nice. At times she can be silly, but she is a very good person overall. Our teamwork is wonderful on set."

In response to a question asking what type of super power she would like, Jun answered, "I want a super power that lets me act well. Working with Director Jung and Hwang Jung Min, I am making that power a reality."

Director Jung commented, "The
Korean film industry is suffering right now, but I want to become a Super Director that can save it. This movie is about letting people know that anyone can become a super hero if they want to, and giving them power and hope."

Jun Ji Hyun commented on an episode during filming, "I had to smoke a cigarette for the first time but it was tough as I usually consider health to be the most important," to which Hwang Jung Min quickly replied, "It was a prop cigarette made of sagebrush."

This movie is about human documentary producer Song Soo Jung (played by Jun Ji Hyun), who is sick of filming hypocritical programs that touch on people's sympathy, who starts to change by meeting a man (Hwang Jung Min) believing himself to be a superman who has lost powers but still tries to help everyone around. The movie is scheduled for release early next year.

source: broasia

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Show Must Go on" Wins Blue Dragon Award

Director Han Jae-rim’s "The Show Must Go On" has won the domestic award for best picture.

At the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards Friday, the movie's lead actor Song Kang-ho also won best actor. Jeon Do-yeon won best actress for her performance in "Secret Sunshine.” Earlier in May, the actress won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the film.

The best director award went to Huh Jin-ho for “Happiness.”

Kim Sang-ho was named best supporting actor for his role in “The Happy Life” and Na Moon-hee best supporting actress for her role in "Cruel Winter Blues."

The awards are the nation's version of Hollywood's Oscars.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio

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Glamor Girl Kim Hye-soo Shows Off Period Style

The first still photos of the star actress Kim Hye-soo from a new movie called "Modern Boy" helmed by director Jeong Ji-woo have been released. Kim plays Cho Nan-sil in the movie, a 1930s modern girl who wins the heart of Lee Hae-myung, the titular modern boy played by Park Hae-il.

Last year, Kim dazzled audiences with her provocatively glamorous fashions as the femme fatale in "The War of Flower," a gambling drama. This year she returns to the screen as a period trendsetter.

The stills show Kim wearing the revolutionary fashions of the late 1920s and early 1930s, when the young urban working and middle class -- the mobo/moga or modern boys/girls -- abandoned traditional dress in favor of sharp, spivvy fashions in imitation on the styles of Korean dancer Choi Seung-hee and Hollywood stars Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore.

Kim also recorded four songs in three languages for the new movie, after three months of vocal training before the shoot began. "Modern Boy" will be released at the beginning of next year.

source: Chosun Ilbo

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Shin Min-a & Kong Hyo-Jin to Play Sisters in New Movie

Kong Hyo-jin and Shin Min-a have been cast together in the film "I Like It This Way."

The two actresses will take on the roles of half-sisters with completely different personalities.

Kong Hyo-jin
will play the older sister, a kind-hearted fish shop owner, and Shin Min-a will play the younger sister, a highly ambitious career woman.
"I Like It This Way" is a road trip movie in which half-sisters with different fathers travel together in search of the younger sister's biological father.

Kong Hyo-jin, who recently appeared in the film "Happiness," as a stylish woman, is expected to show yet another side of herself in the new film along with Shin Min-a, who has also recently finished filming the movie "Mighty Princess."

Kong and Shin made their debuts as fashion magazine models and are known as close friends.
We hope their strong friendship will translate into a moving portrayal of the journey of two sisters.
The film is scheduled to open in theaters early next year.

source :

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Kim Tae-hee Displays Action Skills

Actress Kim Tae-hee
has recently shown off impressive action skills that has inspired many to compare her with top Hollywood star Angelina Jolie.

Kim displayed her superb action skills in the movie "Fight," directed by Han Ji-seung.

It's a story of a couple who once loved each other greatly but ended up in a fierce fight. "Fight" is reminiscent of the Hollywood movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" starring Jolie.

A person from the movie's production firm said "Fight" has many action scenes and is modeled after "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Playing opposite Seol Kyung- koo, Kim portrays a woman who takes revenge on a man she once loved but whom she now hates.

source: kbs global

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

"For Eternal Hearts" Invited to Tokyo Int'l Film Festival

The movie "For Eternal Hearts" starring Chung Kyung-ho, Kim Min-seon and Cha Soo-yeon has been invited to the "Winds of Asia" category of the Tokyo International Festival, which opens Oct. 20.

Launched in 1985, the festival has emerged as one of Asia's top film festivals, along with the Pusan International Film Festival.

"Winds of Asia" screens outstanding movies from the entire Asian region, including the Middle East. This year, it chose Korea's "For Eternal Hearts."

Chung Kyung-ho will visit Japan Oct. 20 to walk the red carpet of the festival and meet with viewers on Oct. 21-22 after the movie's screening.

source: kbs grobal

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Joo Ji Hoon to star in "Antique" directed by Min Gyu Dong

The upcsongburioming film "Antique" Director Min Gyu Dong will star Joo Ji Hoon of "Goong (Princess Hours)," Kim Jae Wook of "Coffee Prince" and others.

According to the production company on the 17th, Joo Ji Hoon will play the "Antique" owner Jin Hyuk who becomes the perfect salesmen with his speech skills, while Kim Jae Wook will play the genius patissier Son Woo to mark his silver screen debut.

Also, Yoo Ah In will play the boxer turned patissier assistant Gi Beom, and Choi Ji Ho who debuted through "Time Between Dog and Wolf" will play the role of Jin Hyuk's bodycard Soo Young.

"Antique" is the story of love and friendship of four men set in an antique shop that is renovated into a cake shop and is scheduled to be released on screen during the first half of next year.

source: broasia

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[ Korean Movie 2007 ] A LOVE / Sarang

Movie : A Love / Sarang / 사랑
Release Date : September 19, 2007

Country : South Korea

Director :
Kyung-Taek Kwak
Starring :
Ju Jin-mo , Park Si-hyeon
Genre :
Drama , Action
Runtime : 104 min

Website :



A man’s fight against his damned destiny begins! His one and only destiny! At age 17, he meets a girl as beautiful as a watercolor painting. ‘I swear I’ll protect you...’ Although he is the best fighter in school, he dreams of making his mother proud by going to college. The tough but pure hearted, CHAE In-ho.... It takes him 7 years to confess to the girl of his dreams. A poisonous fatal destiny strangles his happiness! He stabs a gangster in the neck for her. “I’m Peek-a-boo, you bastard!” He wanted to live quietly like everyone else. But to keep his promise to protect his girl, he stabs Chi-kwon, a notorious mobster in Busan. A second chance comes his way! He devotes his life to working for Chairman Yoo. ‘Give me your youth...and I’ll give you power...’ He buries his love for the vanished girl and gets a second chance while working at the docks. He offers his life to the man who first holds out his hand for him. His life’s twisted fate! The girl he cannot forget returns as a love he cannot have. “Don’t go...Women are just a phase...” The girl he never stopped thinking about suddenly reappears in his life. She becomes his patron’s woman and beyond reach... But as he decides to be happy for once in life, bitter cruel destiny rattles everything in his life.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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Son Ye Jin, appearing in new film.

Hallyu star Son Ye Jin recently had an interview regarding the new movie she's starring in.

"This was too dramatic change of character for me and I had hard time making my decision after reading the script" said the actress Son who acted as a leader of pickpocket gang, Baek Jang Mi, in the movie 'The Unprotected City'.

She took it as a challenge and an adventure for her career and that's how convinced herself to make the decision.

The interview was held in the city of Busan, where PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival) was held.

Son also said that "For the first time in my acting career, this is the first one that made me to think about what the viewers would think of me when they see this movie."

Her character will play out and show two different sides of a woman who can kill the others for her own good but also holds the weak emotional points of woman at the same time.

This 'The Unprotected City' will crank up next month and be released to the theaters in January.

source: broasia

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Asian Film Officials Rank Im Atop for Joint Film

Im Soo-jeong is the number one preferred actress to cast in a joint Asian film, having been chosen by foreign producers and casting directors participating in the Asian Film Market's co-Production PRO at the ongoing Pusan International Film Festival.

PIFF's Co-Production PRO is a program facilitating joint film production in Asia. Film industry officials in production, investment and distribution from Asia, the Americas and Europe are sharing information and holding talks on joint productions currently in Busan.

The program is linked to another PIFF side event, Curtain Call, which supports Asian star actors and their management.

Invited to this year's Curtain Call was Jo In-seon, Im Soo-jeong, Ananda Everingham of Thailand, Tatsuya Fujiwara of Japan and John Cho of the US.

In a vote of some 100 Co-Production PROs, Im ranked number one for the actor most wanted in a joint production.

In a news conference, Im said she would accept such a casting proposal at any time.

source: kbs global

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Korean Stars at Pusan International Film Festival

Yun Eun Hye

Ji Jin hee

Lee So yeon

Kim Taewoo

Jang Hyuk

Lee Jung Jin


Koh A-ra and Lee Yeon Hee


Hur E-jae (from Goong S)

Kong Hyojin

photo source:

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Daniel Henney, Kim A-jung Named Rising Stars at Pusan

Premiere Magazine’s 3rd Rising Star Awards recognized the talent of actors Daniel Henney (“My Father”) and Kim A-jung (“200 Pounds Beauty”) at a Busan hotel, Saturday, at the 12th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (PIFF).

The private ceremony was very intimate, with close friends presenting prizes to awardees. Premiere Magazine chooses among works from the past two years, taking into account its artistic merit, popularity, influence and brand power, as well as input from online polls.

“This is a very special award. It’s for acting, it’s an acting award,” said Daniel Henney, who gave a moving performance as a Korean adoptee in “My Father,” a breakthrough role that showed he’s more than just a pretty face. Director Hwang Duk-qu handed him the award.

Actress Kim A-jung’s close friend and co-star Kim Hyunsook from “200 Pounds Beauty” gave a lengthy compliment before giving the star the prize. Kim starred as a talented but overweight singer who is reborn through plastic surgery.

The romantic comedy was a both a domestic and international box office hit, sending Kim off to instant hallyu stardom -- interestingly enough, her name means “center of Asia.”

Source: Koreatimes

credit: Lee Hyo-won

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jeon Do-yeon to Star in Movie 'A Fine day'

Jeon Do-yeon, the Korean thesp who won Cannes best actress prize this year for "Secret Sunshine", has finally lighted on her next project.

Jeon will star in "Meotjin Haroo," (
A Fine day) a drama helmed by Lee Yoon-ki ("This Charming Girl".) She plays a thirty-something single woman who is shaken by a meeting with an ex-boyfriend. read more


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Friday, September 28, 2007

Jeon Ji-hyun Set to Return to the Local Big Screen

Actress Jeon Ji-hyun is set to make her big screen comeback by starring in director Chung Yun-chul's new film 'He Once Was a Superman.'

The film's production and distribution company CJ Entertainment said in a recent press release that actress Jeon Ji-hyun and Hwang Jung-min will star in 'He Once Was a Superman.'

The film, slated to open in the first half of 2008, is the comic and heartwarming story of an eccentric who believes that he is a super hero.

Jeon will take on the role of Song Su-jeong, a documentary producer who will resort to all lengths, even manipulation, to create a program that will move the hearts of TV viewers. In the film, she uses "Superman" to make a human documentary.

The actress recently finished shooting a film entitled "Blood: The Last Vampire" based on a Japanese animation.

source:kbs global

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Actress Ku Appears in Hollywood Film

Actress Ku Hye-sun was belatedly reported to have appeared in a Hollywood movie.

The film was Robin William's new film 'August Rush' directed by Kirsten Sheridan. The film is about a boy on a magical music journey.

Ku's agency YG Entertainment said that “The film director personally extended an invitation and that Ku went to New York in March for the shoot."

The actress said, "I made a cameo appearance as one of the wandering artists Robin Williams looks after in the film. It was a tiny role but I was greatly inspired by the delicate workings of a Hollywood film set and the actors' freely expressed talent. My appearance wasn't important. I'm just grateful for the experience."

August Rush will open in the US in November.

source: kbs global

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Friday, September 14, 2007

'Secret Sunshine' Heads to Academy Awards

A Korean film that won actress Jeon Do-yeon top honors at this year's Cannes Film Festival will be the nation's submission for the Academy Awards next spring in the category for Best Foreign Language Film.

The Korean Film Council announced Monday that the choice of "
Secret Sunshine" was made by six judges who assessed the overall quality, distribution capacity and public recognition of three films submitted for consideration. read more

source : KBS WORLD

Daniel Henney and the Real Man Behind His Role in Interview

Controversy greeted the release on Thursday of “My Father”, a film inspired by a true story about an adopted child whose biological father turns out to be a first-degree murderer on death row. The murder victims’ families opposed the screening, and revelations that the film’s star Daniel Henney lied about his educational background stoked dispute. That did the film no harm: it topped this week’s box office sales, drawing more than a quarter of moviegoers. The Chosun Ilbo spoke with Daniel Henney and Eron Bates, the real man behind the film’s gripping story.

-You watched “My Father” with Daniel at the premiere. How did you like it?

Bates: “It was simply fantastic. I’m a bit of a tough guy and I rarely cry, but after the movie, I was crying my eyes out. Daniel was perfect. It’s an honor that he played my character.”

-Daniel, you said you put your heart into the movie.

Henney: ‘Yes, because my mother was adopted too. If I understood my mother about 75 percent before, now with this film I understand her 100 percent. She can barely speak Korean, so these days, I teach her Korean.’

-Which scene do you remember best?

Bates: “I read the script about four times, and while I was reading, I couldn’t quite imagine how they would do the last 20 minutes. But after watching the movie, I was very happy. I was crying from true joy. The scene where Henney said, ‘I forgive you. I miss you’ was really moving.”

Henney: “I was worried because there were quite a lot of heavy scenes, but I was saved by Kim Young-chul. Wherever he goes, he holds my hands and says, ‘My Henney.’ Even at the press conference he didn’t let go of my hand and became a real support.”

-Was there any part in the movie that reflected your real life?

Henney: “The part where I was in a band as a singer in New York. My singing is terrible, of course. Let’s see… Yes, the picture of my girlfriend in the film was really a picture of my first crush. In the film, her parents disapproved of me because I was Asian, and I had a similar experience in real life. I heard that my girlfriend’s parents asked my girlfriend and her best friend, ‘How long are you going to go out with him? He’s Chinese.’ I was devastated.”

Bates: “I had similar experience. My girlfriend’s parents apparently told her, ‘What if you get a mixed baby? We don’t like an Asian mix.’ I thought I was going to die.”

-What does a father mean to you?

Bates: “I have a nine-month old baby son. Now that I am a father, I’ve learned what an amazing thing that is. I even enjoy changing his diapers. He’s name is Nathan, which means a gift from God. It was hard to tell whether my son took after my father in any way, but when I accidentally found out that the lines of his palm looked like father’s, I was so happy I cried. A father is someone who can give everything for his child.”

Henney: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a child yet. But my father is perfect. His just being there is a great support. When we were shooting in LA at the beginning of the shoot, I was really nervous because I couldn’t concentrate on the character. Then my father came to the set and bought me a beer. He said, “Just be yourself. Have a beer and relax. You’re already perfect to me.” I was instantly relaxed. The beer must have done the trick. (laughs)

-Some say the movie makes a murderer look good while trying to cash in on something that’s very sensitive.

Bates: “I looked for the victims’ families in 2000 but they didn’t want to see me. I totally understand. I’m sure they hate me too. That’s right, my father is a murderer. But I hope they can see how we can forgive and love another human being.”

Henney: “There are movies like ‘Dead Man Walking.’ I hope people focus more on Eron, or rather James Parker, and try to see in his heart.”

Eron Bates/ Born in 1973, he was adopted by an American family when he was six. He joined the U.S. Army in college and came to Korea in 1996 in an attempt to look for his biological father, whom he was reunited with in July 2000. His father has been held on death row at Gwangju Penitentiary for 10 years.

Daniel Hanney/Born in 1979. His mother was adopted by an American family when she was three, his father is British American. He made his debut in the MBC dramaMy Name is Kim Sam-soon” in 2005. He also starred in “Seducing Mr. Perfect” in 2006.

source: Chosun Ilbo

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Kim Tae-hee to Help Children with Cancer

Actress Kim Tae-hee, who recently received media attention for giving a scholarship to a student at her alma mater, is now ready to help children with cancer.

Kim is a public relations envoy for the Make A Wish Foundation, which reaches out to children with incurable diseases such as cancer and leukemia. She will appear on the "1% Miracle" segment of "Love Request" on KBS 1TV to promote a campaign that works to make wishes come true for children with cancer.

Kim will appear on the show to help a child who started writing poems after suffering from complications originating from an abnormality of the cerebral artery. She plans to recite a personally-written poem and ask the viewers for their helping hands.

source:kbs grobal

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Lee Jun-ki Wins Rising Star Award

Actor Lee Jun-ki has won the Rising Star award of the 27th Hawaiian International Film Festival.

Lee rose to stardom for his role in the movie "King and the Clown." His popularity has soared in Asia after the joint Korean-Japanese movie "First Snow" opened this year.

An official from the festival's organizing committee said the Rising Star award is given to young movie stars and attests to Lee's potential to grow into a next-generation movie actor who will garner great recognition not only in Korea but abroad.

The movie "May 18," which also stars Lee, has been nominated for the Golden Orchid award of the festival.

Lee plans to attend the Hawaiian International Film Festival during his promotion tour in Japan and Asia.

source: kbs grobal

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Movie 'Destiny (Sookmyung)' starring Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Heon sold to Japan

The movie 'Destiny (Sookmyung)' starring Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Heon has been sold to Japan prior to its opening.

nTorino which also invested in the movie announced on the 21st, "Japanese rights to the movie 'Sookmyung' have been sold to Formula Entertainment in Japan at $2 million."

Formula Entertainment is a subsidiary of Forumla Music that is in charge of movie production, acquisitions, and investment.

The movie which has completed filming approximately 50% has been gathering attention as the returning piece for Song Seung Heon and Ji Sung after their military duties.
nTorino commented, "Because Hallyu movies sales decreased to include only '200 pound Beauty,' 'Hwangjiny,' and a few others, we are looking forward to the sales of 'Sookmyung' abroad."

The movie which follows the story of four friends who cross fates after betraying each other is scheduled to be released this year.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

[ Poster ] Upcoming korean movie 2007 "My Father"

My father Trailer

The movie is about adopted children with Daniel Henney playing a Korean boy who is adopted by an American family. When he grows up, he returns to Korea and meets his genetic father who is in jail.

Director: Dong Hyeuk Hwang
Cast: Daniel Henney, Richard Riehle, Ilene Graff, Brian F. Durkin, Craig Zimmerman, Sarah Chang, Sarah Mack, Doil Lee


Related news - Daniel Henney Digs Into Own Life for New Movie

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