Saturday, March 31, 2007

“The King and the Clown” Enters Deauville Asian Film Fesitval

The smash hit Korean filmThe King and the Clown” will be shown at the Deauville Asian Film Festival.

International movie magazine Screen said on the 22nd that the Lee Joon-ik directed “The King and the Clown” and the Lee Yoon-ki directed “A Very Special Guest” will be screened at the 9th Deauville Asian Film Fesitval in France.
The festival runs from March 28th-April 1st.

source: kbs world

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Lee Jun-ki Dons 80s School Uniform for New Movie

Popular actor Lee Jun-ki (25) will don a 1980s high school uniform in the new movie, “Brilliant Holiday.”

He is set to play Kang Jin-woo, a regular student who took part in the Gwangju May18th Democratization Movement in1980.

Production costs for the Kim Ji-hoon-directed “Brilliant Holiday” has already amounted to 10 billion won. The movie, which was shot over 5 months last year, stars Ahn Sung-ki, Kim Sang-gyeong and Lee Yo-won.

Lee Jun-ki expressed his enthusiasm over the movie and his role in it, saying he was excited to work with established actors and help tell an important story.

source: kbs

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My sassy girl ost

01. Intro
02. I Believe - Shin Seung Hun
03. Love & Longing
04. Episode 1
05. bi nae ri neun bam - ?
06. Hands Of Time - Ueda Masaki
07. Episode 2 (Bip Bop)
08. ee byul joon bi - Kim Jo Han
09. Big Money - Big Money & X-Teen
10. gyuh ool na geu ne
11. Episode 3 (geu nyuh eh saeng il)
12. ja jang ga (Lullaby)
13. sarang neu ggim - Jo Kyun Chan
14. Another Life (Intro)
15. Another Life - Deen
16. Behind Of You (Instrumental)
17. Episode 4 (Reg Time)
18. Lost Memory
19. gat eun mam eu ro - Various Artists
20. I Believe (With Piano)

Source: Soompi Forums

If you like it go buy the CD too. Support the industry.

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Kim Yoon Jin, returns to Korean movie screen through film 'Seven Days'

Kim Yoon Jin who has risen to international stardom through the U.S. drama 'Lost' will return to the Korean movie scene through the film 'Seven Days.'

Prime Entertainment who will be distributing the film commented on the 28th, "Kim Yoon Jin will be starring in the crime thriller 'Seven Days' as the lawyer Yoo Ji Yeon who must save her daughter within 7 days."

This is her first appearance since 'Diary of June' which opened in 2005.

Director Won Shin Yeon of 'Seven Days' will portray a female lawyer who must prove the innocence of a criminal sentenced to death within a week to save her daughter.

The movie will start filming in late April and is scheduled to be released in the fall.

photo chosun

source: broasia

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Song Hye-gyo Sheds Cute Image for Gisaeng Role

The producers of “Hwang Jin-I” on Monday released several still photos from director Chang Yoon-hyun's movie about a Chosun-era gisaeng (a female entertainer) starring Song Hye-gyo and Yoo Ji-tae.

The photos show Song as the character Hwang in various costumes, including that of noble lady, a beautiful and seductive gisaeng, and disguised as a man drinking in an inn. Another features Song in a white underskirt, her extended leg faintly showing through. The other photos include Yoo Ji-tae as Hwang's first lover Nomi and Ryu Seung-yong as a local governor who supports Hwang. "Song Hye-gyo's deep eyes and attractive figure show that she has transformed from a cute young girl into a true woman," the publicity materials gushed.

“Hwang Jin-I” started shooting on a set in Paju in Gyeonggi Province last July. It took 194 days to make the film. Other locations for the lavish production included the Korean Folk Village in Youngin, Buan, Andong, Yangpyeong, Namsangol Traditional Village in Seoul, the Seonam Temple in Suncheon, and Mt. Kumgang in North Korea.

The film has gained considerable attention, fueled by last year’s TV drama with the same name starring another popular actress, Ha Ji-won, and the fact that it is Song’s first stab at a period film.

"Hwang Jin-I" is in its final stages and is scheduled for release on June 6.

credit: chosun ilbo

more photo

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Korean Wins Best Director Prize in Argentina

Korean filmmakers are continuing to gain recognition at international film events. Hong Sang-soo has won the Best Director prize at this year's Mar del Plata International Film Festival for his latest work "Woman on the Beach." The film is about romance between two men and two women in their 30s on vacation at a beach resort. Actress Goh Hyun-jeong shows different personas as an independent woman who freely expresses her emotions.

The annual film gala, recognized as an A-list festival along with Cannes, Berlin and Venice, takes place during the month of March in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Arirang News

source: chosun ilbo

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gong Yoo to Hold Fan Meeting in Tokyo and Osaka

Actor Gong Yoo, who has emerged as a hallyu star for his roles in the TV dramas “One Fine Day” and “Hello, My Teacher,” which aired in Japan, will hold a large-scale fan meeting tour in Japan following his previous fan meeting in August last year.

Entitled “Remember Yoo 2007,” the tour will begin April 21 in Tokyo at Setagaya and move the next day to Osaka at the NHK Hall.

Gong has received rave reviews for his role in the Japanese movie “Like a Dragon,” which opened March 3. In the movie, Gong plays an undercover sniper named Park Chul.

Based on the same-titled computer game, the movie depicts an intricate and thrilling series of incidents occurring one night in Shinjuku.

source:kbs grobal

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Moment to Remember: A classic tearjerker story

Director :Lee Jae Han
Cast: Jung Woo Sung, Son Ye Jin


A career woman, Soo-jin who has everything and born with a silver spoon got dumped by her already-married boyfriend and tries about him. One day she bumps into a poor carpenter, Chul-soo whose only goal in life is to become an architect and becomes attracted to him. They finally fall in love and are happily married. Now that she thinks she found the right one, she has to face an undeniable fact that she has disease which causes her to lose her memories.
credit: tour2korea

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Kim Yun-jin makes MSN’s List of World Class Beauties

The Korean actress Kim Yun-jin has been picked as one of MSN’s “world class beauties.” “In the celebrity world, there are beauties -- and then there are world-class beauties, whose charisma and grace hail from, and touch, the four corners of the earth. In keeping with this year's Oscars featuring the most internationally represented group of nominees, let us celebrate these amazing women,” the article by Kati Johnston gushes.

The portal names 23 such stars including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and BeyoncĂ©, fresh from her part in the hit movie “Dreamgirls.” Among Asian stars, the list includes Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li from the Chinese mainland and Chinese American Lucy Liu.

Kim Yun-jin became well-known to American audiences for her role as Sun on the TV seriesLost.’ But Kim was already a huge star in her native Korea, where her nickname is ‘Woman Warrior,’" the piece says. "She is an accomplished dancer and martial-arts practitioner as well as a dramatic actress of depth, giving ‘Lost’ what many fans think is its true soul."

Kim last shone on ABC talk show 'The View' hosted by Barbara Walters, and demand from TV and fashion magazines to interview her is growing. "Last year, Kim got many interviews with her colleagues in 'Lost'. But this year, she is mostly interviewed alone,” an insider says. “I think it means that she succeeded in establishing herself in the U.S."

source: (chosun Ilbo)

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Monday, March 19, 2007

'The Host,' 'The Restless' Invited to Brussels Fantastic Film Festival

The moviesThe Host” by director Bong Jun-ho and “The Restless” by director Cho Dong-oh have been invited to compete in the international category of the 2007 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, according to Pusan International Film Festival Senior Programmer Kim Ji-seok on March 18.

The Brussels Fantastic Film Festival will be held in Belgium April 5-17. Other Korean movies that have been invited to participate in the non-competition category include Lee Si-myung’s “Vampire Cop Ricky,” Cho Beom-jin’s “Aachi & Ssipak,” Ahn Byung-ki’s “Apartment” and Lim Ah-ron’s “Mug Travel.”

The festival is regarded as one of the world’s top-three fantastic film festivals along with Spain’s Sitges Film Festival and Portugal’s Oporto International Film Festival. Previous award winners of the festival from Korea include Kim Ki-deok’s movie “The Isle” and Chang Jun-hwan’s “Save the Green Planet.”

source: kbs grobal

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Jun Ji-hyun to Debut in Hollywood

Actress Jun Ji-hyun is gearing up to debut overseas. Jun, who has gained popularity not only in Korea but also in Hong Kong, China and Japan for her sometimes sassy, sometimes naive roles in movies, will make her Hollywood debut in the movie “Blood: The Last Vampire.”

Blood: The Last Vampire” is based on the same-titled popular animation novel by famous Japanese writer Oshii Mamoru. Jun plays the role of the vampire hunter Saya, who is half-human, half-vampire but who disguises herself as a human being in order to destroy vampires. The actress is expected to display impressive action stunts in the movie.

Playing opposite Jun will be actress Allison Miller, who has gained popularity for her role in the TV show “Desperate Housewives.” In the movie, Miller’s character teaches Saya what it’s like to be a human.

Interest in movies starring Jun has been on the rise in Hollywood. Jun has drawn notice in Hollywood through the movie “The Lake House,” starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. The movie is a remake of the Korean movieIl Mare,” which stars Jun. Jun’s hit movie “My Sassy Girl” is also currently being remade in the United States, with actress Elisha Cuthbert playing the lead.

The filming of “Blood: The Last Vampire” will begin March 15. The movie has drawn significant attention for its impressive scale as it involves famous film production firms and filmmakers. After shooting several scenes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the filming location will switch to China before the movie opens in 2008.

The movie is expected to make Jun another hallyu star in Hollywood, like Kim Yun-jin. Jun will go by the name "Gianna Jun" in the United States.

source: kbs grobal

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hyun Bin & Hwang Ji-Hyun Romance

Top star Hyun Bin confessed his interest in Hwang Ji-Hyun on his fan cafĂ© homepage on February 25, revealing “we are not yet a couple, but we are getting to know each other based on some common interests.”

He further stated, “Hwang Ji-Hyun and I are interested in learning more about each other, but at this point we are just good friends. I hope that all this early attention given to our friendship does not taint our initial feelings,” adding “I know many of my fans were surprised, and I am sorry for any misunderstandings that may have risen. I hope to return to the screen as soon as possible in a fantastic leading role.”

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV ‘Yunyega (Entertainment Broadcasting)” aired an interview with Hyun Bin along with photos capturing Hyun Bin and Hwang Ji-Hyun enjoying a secret date at a ski resort printed in the March edition of “Yeoseong Joongang,” a women’s magazine by Joongang M&D, further supporting the rumors of their romance.

The Hyun BinHwang Ji-Hyun ‘romance story’ first became known to the public after these photos, which captured the two of them at a ski resort were featured in the March edition of the monthly magazine “Yeoseong Joogang.”

source: tour2korea

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'The Host' Tops China's Box Office All Week

Korea's record-breaking movie "The Host" seized China's box office last weekend and is staying there. Its producer says the film was released last Thursday in China on 280 screens, the most ever for a Korean movie there.

In that time, "The Host" has raked in over US$650,000. This is the first time for a Korean film to top China's box-office rankings for a whole week.

In May last year the melodrama "Daisy" starring Jun Ji-hyun grabbed top billing on its opening day in China but failed to hold the spot through the week.

Arirang News

source : chosun ilbo

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Korean Action Film Invited to Asian Film Festival in France

Director Ryu Seung-wan’s “The City of Violence” has been invited to the competitive “Action Asia” section of the 9th Deauville Asia Film Festival in France.

Its producer Film Makers R&K said Monday that the film’s original style and story about a declining city and ill-fated friendship had appealed to the festival. Ryu’s “Urban Martial Arts Action” won the Lotus Award at the festival in 2005.

Scheduled to be held from March 28 until April 1, the festival is one of two Asian film festivals in Europe along with Italy’s Udine film festival.

“Nowhere to Hide” directed by Lee Myung-se was the first Korean film to receive the Best Picture award at the French film festival in 2000, followed by “Joint Security Area” in 2001 and “Failan” in 2002. In 2005, “This Charming Girl” was awarded the Lotus Jury Prize and in 2006 “A Bittersweet Life” was given the Action Asia Award and “The Peter Pan Formula” the Lotus Jury Prize.

Meanwhile, “The City of Violence” has been invited to the Neuchatel Film Festival in Switzerland to be held from July 3 until 8. The fantasy film festival was established in 2000.

source : kbs grobal

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Rain's latest movie to open HK Film Festival

South Korean movie "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK," has been chosen as the opening movie at this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival starting from 19th March.

In just half an hour, all pre-sale tickets for the movie's first screening were sold out.

"I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK," has just received an outstanding creative award in the competition session at the 57th Berlin Film Festival earlier this month.

The director Park Chan-wook, lead actor South Korean pop star Rain and actress Lim Soo-jung are expected to grace the red carpet at the movie's Hong Kong premiere.

This year's Golden Bear winner, Chinese movie "Tuya's Marriage"will also be screened during the film festival at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 30th March.


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Movie ‘Hwang Jinee’ receives explosive reception in Berlin

A story not recorded in history but more passionate than history, the movie (Director: Jang Yoon-Hyun, Cast: Song Hye-Kyo, Yoo Ji-Tae, Distribution: Cinema Service, Production: Cine2000, Siz Entertainment) has captivated the world’s movie critics through its teaser poster. The movie entered its first overseas market through the Europe Film Market (EFM) going on in Berlin, and although they entered with only a teaser poster and no teaser trailer, the intense and luxurious image of the poster has drawn the attention of overseas critics and has resulted in sales all over Asia.

The overseas teaser posted added more intensity to the version released in Korea. To Hwang Jinee’s alluring figure with its firm gaze and hands drawing up both sides of her skirt , they added a modern flower image and the main copy, QUEEN AT HER HEART, HUMBLE IN HER SPIRIT, as well as the tag, ‘The most divine courtesan Joseon has ever know’, thereby increasing the curiosity surrounding the character and the overall expectations of the movie. The main copy brings to mind both Queen Elizabeth I and the gypsy Carmen, and also implies the sexual charms of one like Joan d’Arc’s contemporary Juh Hang-Sung and Marilyn Monroe, thus strongly appealing to overseas critics who are unacquainted with Hwang Jinee. The reaction is that through the concise but impactful copy and the luxurious but intense visuals of the teaser poster, overseas movie critics’ interest in the movie has amplified.

Through the reception of the one teaser poster at EFM, movie <Hwang Jinee> has been acknowledged as being a potential overseas release. In Asia, where actress Song Hye-Kyo is already well-known through her previous works, the poster promises a transformation of her prior image, and the high expectations for the movie are not hidden. This is especially true in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam where the movie has already been sold to much hail. Even among the overseas critics who are not familiar with the reputation of the actress, there are those who consider it a strong candidate for entry into the Cannes Film Festival in May. It can be said that this kind of reaction to the movie, just from the teaser poster, is very unusual indeed.

As the most anticipated movie of 2007, movie has finished its final stages and will be released to worldwide audiences this spring.

Content Credit : Cine2000
Content distributors: News Agency Newswire(
English translation by hyesa2 for

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Cha Tae-hyun's new movie : Highway Star ( The Masked Dalho )


Dal-ho’s only dream is to become a famous rock singer. To make a living in a small town, his rock band is forced to play enka (country music) in clubs instead of rock’n roll. One day, opportunity knocks and he gets a chance to make a debut album. It is only after he signs the contract that he realizes he has to sing enka, not rock music. On his first stage debut, Dal-ho hides his face behind a mask out of shame. However, his voice rocks the nation and people’s curiosity doubles at the popularity of the new star.

- Trailer

Release date in South Korea : 2007/02/14
South Korea Box Office : 1,330,663 admissions ( 2007.03.04 )

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ha ji-won's new movie : Miracle on 1st Street

“Miracle on 1st Street,” the latest movie from Korean star Ha Ji-won , has top Korea’s box office for the 3rd week in a role.
Ha Ji-won stars as a boxer in the rag-to-riches story. Her co-star is Im Chang-jung , which they acted together in movie “Sex Is Zero” in 2002.
With the success of the movie, and the excellent ratings of her recent TV drama “Hwang Jin-i,” Ha Ji-won’s popularity in Korea must be riding high.

official website :

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Director Bong Jun-ho’s Works Shown in US

A special showing of director Bong Jun-ho’s works has been held in three US cities of New York, Chicago and San Francisco.
The Korean Film Council said Monday that it has organized the event to mark the release of Bong’s recent film “The Host” there on Friday.

Two of Bong’s previous films were shown in New York on Feb. 25, in Chicago on Saturday and in San Francisco on Monday. “Barking Dogs Never Bite” was his debut commercial film and “Memories of Murder” became a hit by drawing 5 million viewers when it was released in Korea. The director himself attended a meeting with the audience in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, a retrospective of director Hong Sang-soo will be held at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, which will open on March 15. Seven of his works will be shown, including “The Day a Pig Fell into a Well,” “The Power of Gangwon Province,” “Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors,” “Turning Gate,” “Woman is the Future of Man,” “Tale of Cinema,” and “Woman on the Beach.”

source: kbs grobal

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Lee Jun-ki's New Movie to Open in Korea, Japan

The opening date of the joint Korean-Japanese movieVirgin Snow” starring Korean actor Lee Jun-ki and Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki and directed by Han Sang-hee has been announced recently.

The movie, whose completion is slated for late March and which is entitled “First Love” in Japanese, will open across Japan in May during the “gold week,” with the premiere scheduled to take place at the Garden Cinema in Tokyo. Movies that open during the gold week -- the longest holiday season of the year in Japan -- compete fiercely. The production firm of “Virgin Snow” chose this period for the opening because it is more than confident in its success.

Virgin Snow” is a story about a high school student named Min (played by Lee), who goes to Japan to study and falls in love with a young girl named Naname (played by Miyazaki), whose melancholic personality captivates his heart.

Miyazaki drew the spotlight for her role in the NHK TV drama “Synesthesia” and has emerged as a top star for her role in the movie “Nana.” Her role in “Virgin Snow” has already drawn significant attention from the Japanese media as she plays opposite Lee, whose status has rapidly elevated from a promising newcomer who debuted in the movie “King and the Clown” to a rising actor.

Meanwhile, Lee will hold his first meeting with his Japanese fans on March 10 in Osaka. The next day he will talk about his acting career during a talk show that will be recorded at the Swiss Hotel in Osaka. Both the meeting and the talk show, in which Lee will show off his charm as an actor and good dancer, are expected to boost his popularity as a top hallyu star. Moreover, “Virgin Snow,” which opens concurrently in Korea and Japan in May, will also solidify Lee’s status in Japan.

source : kbs grobal

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Song Hye-Gyo’s Hwang Jin-Yi Finally Makes Her 1st Debut

Hwang Jin-Yi” will finally debut this summer played by Song Hye Gyo who will give the character its elegant grace.

There will be two types of movie trailers released for “Hwang Jin-Yi” in which Song Hye Gyo plays a young female heroine who transforms herself into “Hwang Jin-Yi,” a talented gisaeng. The difference between the previous drama and this new version is that this one emphasizes on the heroine’s simple and elegant composure rather than focus on tribulations of Hwang Jin-Yi’s life by using rich, vibrant colors.

Especially, Song hye-gyo’s photo that has tears in her eyes is created herself thinking of her character. It is said that this trailer well expresses the movie’s climax.

This movie based on the novel of North Korean writer, Hong Seok-jung, will be about a romance between Hang Jin-Yi, a Joseon gisaeng and Nomi, her servant. This is a sad love story trying to overcome social class divisions through love. The film is expected to be released this coming June.

source: tour2korea

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Eight S. Korean movies invited to Budapest film festiva

BUDAPEST, Feb. 24 (Yonhap) -- Eight South Korean movies have been invited to Budapest's annual Titanic Film Festival to be held in April, its organizers said Saturday.

The Korean films are "The Host," "A Bittersweet Life," "Bloody Tie," "Duelist," "The President's Last Bang," "Memories of Murder," "Welcome to Dongmakgol," and "Driving with My Wife's Lover."
The event, first held in 1993, is to kick off on April 12 for an 11-day run.

source: yonhap news

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