Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kim Yoon Jin, returns to Korean movie screen through film 'Seven Days'

Kim Yoon Jin who has risen to international stardom through the U.S. drama 'Lost' will return to the Korean movie scene through the film 'Seven Days.'

Prime Entertainment who will be distributing the film commented on the 28th, "Kim Yoon Jin will be starring in the crime thriller 'Seven Days' as the lawyer Yoo Ji Yeon who must save her daughter within 7 days."

This is her first appearance since 'Diary of June' which opened in 2005.

Director Won Shin Yeon of 'Seven Days' will portray a female lawyer who must prove the innocence of a criminal sentenced to death within a week to save her daughter.

The movie will start filming in late April and is scheduled to be released in the fall.

photo chosun

source: broasia

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