Friday, December 30, 2011

Won Bin Becomes ‘Actor of the Year’ for Two Consecutive Years

Gallup Korea conducted a survey to select the “Actor of the Year,” and Won Bin has been chosen as the best actor for two years in a row. Gallup Korea said on December 22 that they had conducted a survey with 1,728 respondents from both men and women aged 13 or older across the nation from November 18 until December 6 to ask the best movie star of the year, and Won Bin obtained 11.3 percent of the votes. Gallup Korea let the respondents select two actors and counted the total votes.

Won Bin obtained explosive popularity with his appearance in the movie “The Man From Nowhere” last year, and he received the greatest support again even though he did not appear in any movie this year. Actor Park Hae Il, who appeared in the movie “Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon,” has been ranked second by obtaining 9.5 percent of the votes. According to the Gallup’s analysis, the handsome actor Won Bin received great support from teenagers (24.3%) and the twenty-somethings (18.4%), and the actor Park Hae Il with a friendly image obtained great support from the thirty-somethings (17.7%) and the forty-somethings (10.6%). Actor Jang Dong Gun, who was listed second, dropped to third, but he is the only actor who has been included in the top five for four consecutive years. Actress Kim Ha Neul, who played the role of a blind woman in the movie “Blind,” ranked in fourth place by obtaining 8.2 percent of the votes, and the actor Kong Yoo, who presented excellent acting in “Crucible,” ranked in fifth place by obtaining 5.8 percent of the votes.

In addition, Lee Byong Hun (4.8%), Song Kang Ho (4.8%), Ha Ji Won (3.1%), Ahn Sung Ki (3.0%), and Han Seok Kyu (3.0%) were included on the top ten. Actor Han Seok Kyu has not appeared in a movie this year, but he seemed to regain his image as a successful actor by his appearance in the SBS drama “Deep Rooted Tree” that has been obtaining huge popularity. Actors such as Won Bin (2010), Lee Byong Hun (2009), Song Kang Ho (2008), and Jeon Do Yeon (2007) have been named as “Actor of the Year” of Gallup Korea up to now.

source: KBS Global

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Upcoming Korean movie "Never Ending Story"

Starring: Um Tae-woong, Jung Ryu Won, Yoo Seon, Park Ki-woong, Park Sung Kwang

Directed by Jung Yong joo


Synopsis :

Dong-Joo (Uhm Tae-Woong) is a quite guy and a romanticist. Throughout his whole life he hasn't worked very much. Dong-Joo live's with his younger sibling and only plan seems to win the lottery. One day, Dong-Joo is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Song-Kyung (Jung Ryeo-Won) is a 28-year-old bank teller. She meticulously has a plan for everything. One day, she is suddenly she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. After that, Song-Kyung makes changes in her plans and prepares for her own funeral.

Dong-Joo then meets Song-Kyung who seems to be a polar opposite from him. Dong-Joo starts to plan out the rest of his life. Song-Kyung takes Dong-Joo out on a date.

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This movie will be released on January 19, 2012.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Miss A's Suzy to make film debut in "Introduction to Architecture

Miss A's Suzy will debut in her first movie "Introduction to Architecture" directed by Lee Yong Ju.

The movie is a love story of an architecture student (
Uhm Tae Woong) falling in love with a music student (Han Ga In) who he met in an Introduction to Architecture class at college. Several years later, the two meet again, when she becomes his client.

Suzy will play the younger version of Han Ga In's character.

The film will start shooting in December.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Song Hye-kyo's New Movie to Premier at Busan Int'l Film Festival

Actress Song Hye-kyo plays a documentary producer who forgives a 17-year-old boy for killing her fiance in the movie "A Reason to Live," which will premier at the 16th Busan International Film Festival next month.

The film is directed by Lee Jeong-hyang, of "Art Museum by the Zoo" fame. It was officially invited to premiere at the Gala Presentation of the film festival, which will run from Oct. 6 to 14.

The festival was formerly known as the Pusan International Film Festival but amended the spelling of its name this year to conform to the official Romanization of the city in which it is held.

"A Reason to Live" portrays the confusion and sadness that the heroine feels when her forgiveness leads to unexpected results. It will be screened along with a series of activities, including outdoor stage greetings by the actress, press conferences and a conversation with the audience.

"A Reason to Live" will go on general release nationwide from Oct. 27.

source: Chosun Ilbo

Monday, July 04, 2011

Come Rain Come Shine [ Korean Movie 2011]

Genre : MeloDrama
Starring : Hyun Bin, Im Su-jung
Release date : 3 March 2011
Runtime :105 min.
Directed by: LEE Yoon-ki


On the day of separation, a couple still play hide and seek with their true feelings. While driving to the airport one day, a young woman tells her husband that she wants to leave him for another man. The husband does not ask her why. On the day she is to move out, a massive storm strikes seemingly stranding her and forcing them to spend another day together. A lot can happen in one day, as their soon to be new reality sinks in.


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Park Min-young Thrilled About Screen Debut

Park Min-young said on Thursday that she was excited about her screen debut in the horror flick "The Cat," about a woman who becomes consumed by fear after she adopts a cat found at the site of a mysterious death.

"There's a lot of room for improvement [in terms of my acting ability], because this is my first film, but I hope you enjoy it and that the film gets decent reviews this summer," she said at a media preview. The movie is due to be released next Thursday.

"There are so many things I'm doing for the first time today. This is my first preview for my very first film, and I believe this experience will serve me well for the future."

She said she managed to overcome her fear of the genre to accept the part, which she could not resist because the script was so well-plotted.

"Although I have a problem watching horror films, the scenario was so well written and attractive that I decided to do it," she said.

source: Chosun Ilbo

Go Ara To Film "Papa" In U.S.

Actress Go Ara will be starring in a new film, "Papa".

Go has joined the team of director Han Ji-seung and production team Sangsang Film's project which also stars Park Yong-woo.

The storyline is about a manager who pushes a young female talent to enter a reality TV show contest in the U.S. Some background information involves the manager having to get married to attain a legal visa and ends up having to raise six children when his wife dies.

After completing her role in "Pacemaker", Go will head over to the U.S. to start filming "Papa".

source: KBS Global

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Romance of Their Own [ Korean Movie 2004 ]

Genre : Romance, Drama
Starring : Jo Han-sun, Lee Cheong-ah, Kang Dong-won
Release date : July 22, 2004
Runtime :113 min.
Directed by: Kim Tae-gyun


Han-kyung, a country bumpkin in every aspect, moves to Gangsin High school in Seoul to live with her mother. However her Seoul life is full of psychological and physical shocks. Someone throws his slipper at her head while riding the bus. But the problem does not end there. BAN Hea-won, the boy who threw the slipper, is no ordinary guy but the most popular hunk in the neighborhood. He takes fancy at Han-kyung’s bewildered but cute ways and pursues her aggressively. Even worse, JUNG Tae-seong, the shy but strong-fisted and strong-willed zzang(leader) of neighborhood Seonggwon High School has also taken a fancy to Han-kyung. The two rivals in pride and love erupt into a desperate fight, and Han-kyung is touched and confused at the same time. However, Tae-sung cannot love Han-kyung due to an untold secret, but not knowing this, Han-kyung agonizes over ways to not hurt them both. Tae-sung finally leaves Han-kyung and only then Hea-won and Han-kyung realize his secret. Their tragic but youthful story will bring tears to your eyes.



Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Typhoon [ Korean Movie 2005 ]

Genre : Action, Drama
Starring : Jang Dong-gun, Lee Jung-jae, Lee Mi-yeon
Release date :
December 14, 2005
Runtime :124 min.

Kwak Kyung-taek


Myung-sin, who has become a pirate, lives with hatred in his heart and endures the hardships, seeks revenge on the two nations, North and South Korea, using nuclear waste that has the devastating power of plutonium. Se-jong, a South Korean naval officer departs with his team of elite forces to prevent Sin's master plan of Nuclear Typhoon. Born under the same skies of the same race, but of a completely different nation... Living a life so different, the two point their guns at each other's heart...



Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Man From Nowhere [ Korean Movie 2010 ]

Genre : Action, Thriller
Starring : Won Bin, Kim Se-Ron

Release date :
August 5, 2010
Runtime :119 min.

Lee Jeong-Beom


Having once done time behind bars, CHA Tae-sik now leads a quiet life. His only connection to the rest of the world is a little girl, So-mi, who lives nearby. So-mi’s mother, Hyo-jeong, smuggles drugs for a drug trafficking organization and entrusts Tae-sik with the product. When the traffickers find out they kidnap both Hyo-jeong and So-mi. Mistaking Tae-sik for another mule, the brothers that lead the gang―Man-sik and Jong-sik―promise to release Hyo-jeong and So-mi if Tae-sik makes a delivery for them. Tae-sik makes the decision to face the outside world in order to rescue So-mi. However, the delivery was part of a larger plot to eliminate a rival drug ring leader, Mr. Oh, and Tae-sik is arrested. At the same time, Hyo-jeong’s disemboweled body is discovered, and Tae-sik realizes that So-mi’s life may also be in danger. He fights off half a dozen detectives and escapes from the police station. Now on the run, Tae-sik pursues Man-sik and Jong-sik. In the process, he discovers that their drug ring operates around kidnapped children. Stumbling upon a factory where the brothers have children’s organs removed to accommodate the drugs, Tae-sik rescues one child just before surgery and becomes enraged at the prospect So-mi may already be dead. Tae-sik prepares for a battle with Man-sik and Jong-sik, putting his own life at risk…


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Monday, February 28, 2011

Cho Seung-woo Set to Return to the Big Screen

Actor Cho Seung-woo will join the cast of "Peach Tree," the second film to be directed by actress Ku Hye-sun.

Ku's management agency said that Cho will play a conjoined twin alongside and Ryu Duk-hwan Nam Sang-mi.

It is going to be Cho's first movie after completing his military service.

Ku made her directorial debut with "Magic" last year. "Peach Tree," which will be the first movie made through her recently established production company Ku Hye-sun Film, is slated to start filming this spring.

source: Chosun Ilbo

Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Late Autumn' Invited to Berlin Film Festival

The film "Late Autumn" by director Kim Tae-young has been invited to the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. It will screen in the Forum section of the Berlinale, which kicks off on Feb. 10 and is one of the world's three major film festivals.

The movie stars actor Hyun Bin, whose popularity soared recently as he appeared in the hit drama "Secret Garden" and applied to serve his compulsory military term in the Marine Corps.

"Late Autumn" is a remake of a 1966 film directed by Lee Man-hui. It tells the story of a Chinese woman who falls in love with a Korean man on a bus while she is on leave from a prison term for murdering her husband. It is scheduled to open in Korea on Feb. 17.

source: Chosun Ilbo