Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love On-Air [ Korean Movie 2012 ]

Genre : Drama, Romance
Starring :Lee Min-Jeong, Lee Jung-jin
Release date : January 5, 2012
Runtime :120 min.
Directed by: Kwon Chil-In


Gina, the former leader of once popular girl band “Purple,” hosts a radio show called “Wonderful Radio.” When the producer of the program is sacked over low ratings, a new guy comes in to fill his shoes. Jae-ik is a cold, unfriendly man who only drinks iced coffee even in the winter. The easily irritable man and the conceited former diva are bound to get on each other’s nerves at every corner. During another argument with her producer, Gina comes up with an idea for a new feature - inviting a listener to the studio to read out their story and sing a song. The feature turns out to be a surprise success. Over time, Jae-ik and Gina learn more about each other’s past and wounds and gradually they grow closer. Then, Mira entered the picture. She used to be in the same band with Gina and hates her to the core. In an evil effort to take the DJ job from Gina, Mira spreads rumors that Gina plagiarized her songs. Gina hears about the spiteful accusation during the show and bursts out cursing on air. Gina is deeply hurt and Jae-ik is disappointed. In order to mend her broken heart, Gina decides to write songs again.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Architecture 101 [ Korean Movie 2012 ]

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Starring : Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon, Bae Suzy
Release date : March 22, 2012
Runtime :118 min.
Directed by: Lee Yong-ju


In his college days, aspiring architect Seung-min (Uhm Tae-woong) fell deeply in love with classmate Seo-yeon (Han Ga-in). However, fate denied them the opportunity to stay together forever. Now a successful architect, Seung-min has not spoken to Seo-yeon since that time. However, one day she suddenly reappears in his life, asking him to design a replica of her childhood home. Moving back and forth from past to present, the affections and heartaches between Seung-min and Seo-yeon slowly unfold, and it appears that fate may give their love a second chance.
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Spellbound [ Korean Movie 2011 ]

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Starring : Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki
Release date : December 1, 2011
Runtime :114 min.
Directed by: Hwang In-ho


Jo-gu, a street magician, meets a miserable girl, Yu-ri, during one of his performances, and she winds up the inspiration for his “Horror magic show.” The show becomes wildly popular and Jo-gu is now a successful magician with a model girlfriend. Yu-ri begins working as an extra on the show but the darkness inside her, something her teammates sense, keeps her from truly connecting with anyone else. Jo-gu’s attempt to include her during dinner turns into a disaster when she gets blindingly drunk. Jo-gu calls Yu-ri the next morning, but when the phone disconnects with a weird noise, he starts to worry. When Jo-gu finds her, she confesses the long story behind her gray, wan face. Since surviving a high school car accident Yu-ri has seen the ghosts of dead schoolmates and her one-time best friend Joo-hee. Joo-hee is a ghost, following her everywhere and scaring the people around her, leaving her totally isolated. Even Yu-ri’s family eventually fled, leaving her behind to live alone in a tent, speaking only to a friend on the phone sometimes. During the course of Jo-gu’s failed attempts to find the lonely Yu-ri a boyfriend she resigns herself to the idea of her solitary life is best in the grand scheme of things. And though Jo-gu is sometimes scared witless himself, the pair starts to develop feeling for each other. Now consumed with jealousy, Joo-hee becomes a threat during the show and prompts Yu-ri to head off to join her family to save Jo-gu. Is getting away going to be that easy, or does Joo-hee have more tricks up her sleeve?
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Actress Go A-ra Hopes to Inspire Viewers to Chase Dreams

After playing the role of a pole vaulter in "Pacemaker," which opened in theaters recently, Go A-ra appears as the teen breadwinner of a dysfunctional American family in the upcoming movie "Papa," set to open on Feb. 2.

In the film, the 22-year-old plays a girl who overcomes conflicts with her stepfather in order to protect the family of orphaned children from different ethnic backgrounds, before eventually breaking into show business.

"I did heavy workouts and learned English, singing, dancing and even guitar while I was filming these two movies," Go said. "I started learning English when I was five, which helped a lot."

Even though it has been 10 years since Go made her debut, most people still remember her as the main character in the KBS teen drama "Sharp." She landed that role right after winning an audition with the talent management agency SM Entertainment.

"If I didn't take the audition for the talent agency when I was in junior high school, I would probably be preparing to become a news presenter," she said.

"I started dreaming about being an anchor since I watched the TV soap 'All About Eve,' which dealt with the world of news reporting."

She said she became more proactive at school after watching the soap, pushing herself to excel not only in her studies, but also in extracurricular activities.

"It means a lot to me to accurately portray characters as an actress," Go said. "I would like to inspire viewers so they become interested in new worlds, and start to have dreams and set goals just like I did."

source: Chosun Ilbo

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Always [ Korean Movie 2011]

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Starring : So Ji-Sub, Han Hyo-Joo
Release date : October 20, 2011
Runtime :108 min.
Directed by: Song Il-Gon


Chul-min (So Ji-Sub) leads a hard life delivering the water by day and working at the parking lot by night. His life seems nothing but ordinary, however, he hides his dark past that he used to hit the people for living. One day a strange blind woman called Jung-hwa (Han Hyo-Joo) visits him at the parking lot, who changes his life completely. Looking at cheerful and bright Jung-hwa, Chul-min slowly opens his mind. Jung-hwa also lets him enter her lonely world. To lead a better life with the new love, Chul-min re-starts boxing dreaming of the future as a MMA fighter. But always the good time ends soon. As Chul-min finds out that Jung-hwa might lose her eyesight forever if she doesn’t receive the transplant operation soon and he himself is responsible for the accident which took Jung-hwa’s eyesight and her parents away five years ago, he falls into despair. Burdened with the complex feelings mixed with guilt towards Jung-hwa and affection to her, Chul-min decides to play in the gambling fight abroad, which is the chance to collect the huge amount of money at once. He leaves her all at once without a trace or any note.





Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Cat [ Korean Movie 2011]

Genre : Horror
Starring : Park Min-young, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Ye-ron
Release date : July 7, 2011
Runtime :106 min.
Directed by: Byun Seung-Wook


So-yeon is an animal groomer who works in a pet shop. One day, she gets stuck with a Persian cat named Silky when its owner suddenly dies. From then on, So-yeon is constantly haunted by a bobbed hair girl with green cat-like eyes who turns her life turns into turmoil. So-yeon desperately seeks help from the people around, but no one listens to her. The presence of the girl and the sound of Silky’s cries start to choke in around her life more and more. Not only that, people around So-yeon gets killed one by one. Soon, So-yeon comes face to face with the bobbed hair girl at the scene of a horrific death.

So-yeon gets rid of Silky hoping her troubles will come to an end, but Silky keeps coming back to her like a boomerang. Terrified she could be the next to die, So-yeon sets out to find out the identity of the girl with the help her dead friend’s ex-boyfriend, Jun-seok, who is a cop. Later, So-yeon finds out the truth to the tragic incident that took place in the past.



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