Saturday, October 20, 2007

"For Eternal Hearts" Invited to Tokyo Int'l Film Festival

The movie "For Eternal Hearts" starring Chung Kyung-ho, Kim Min-seon and Cha Soo-yeon has been invited to the "Winds of Asia" category of the Tokyo International Festival, which opens Oct. 20.

Launched in 1985, the festival has emerged as one of Asia's top film festivals, along with the Pusan International Film Festival.

"Winds of Asia" screens outstanding movies from the entire Asian region, including the Middle East. This year, it chose Korea's "For Eternal Hearts."

Chung Kyung-ho will visit Japan Oct. 20 to walk the red carpet of the festival and meet with viewers on Oct. 21-22 after the movie's screening.

source: kbs grobal

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Joo Ji Hoon to star in "Antique" directed by Min Gyu Dong

The upcsongburioming film "Antique" Director Min Gyu Dong will star Joo Ji Hoon of "Goong (Princess Hours)," Kim Jae Wook of "Coffee Prince" and others.

According to the production company on the 17th, Joo Ji Hoon will play the "Antique" owner Jin Hyuk who becomes the perfect salesmen with his speech skills, while Kim Jae Wook will play the genius patissier Son Woo to mark his silver screen debut.

Also, Yoo Ah In will play the boxer turned patissier assistant Gi Beom, and Choi Ji Ho who debuted through "Time Between Dog and Wolf" will play the role of Jin Hyuk's bodycard Soo Young.

"Antique" is the story of love and friendship of four men set in an antique shop that is renovated into a cake shop and is scheduled to be released on screen during the first half of next year.

source: broasia

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[ Korean Movie 2007 ] A LOVE / Sarang

Movie : A Love / Sarang / 사랑
Release Date : September 19, 2007

Country : South Korea

Director :
Kyung-Taek Kwak
Starring :
Ju Jin-mo , Park Si-hyeon
Genre :
Drama , Action
Runtime : 104 min

Website :



A man’s fight against his damned destiny begins! His one and only destiny! At age 17, he meets a girl as beautiful as a watercolor painting. ‘I swear I’ll protect you...’ Although he is the best fighter in school, he dreams of making his mother proud by going to college. The tough but pure hearted, CHAE In-ho.... It takes him 7 years to confess to the girl of his dreams. A poisonous fatal destiny strangles his happiness! He stabs a gangster in the neck for her. “I’m Peek-a-boo, you bastard!” He wanted to live quietly like everyone else. But to keep his promise to protect his girl, he stabs Chi-kwon, a notorious mobster in Busan. A second chance comes his way! He devotes his life to working for Chairman Yoo. ‘Give me your youth...and I’ll give you power...’ He buries his love for the vanished girl and gets a second chance while working at the docks. He offers his life to the man who first holds out his hand for him. His life’s twisted fate! The girl he cannot forget returns as a love he cannot have. “Don’t go...Women are just a phase...” The girl he never stopped thinking about suddenly reappears in his life. She becomes his patron’s woman and beyond reach... But as he decides to be happy for once in life, bitter cruel destiny rattles everything in his life.


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Son Ye Jin, appearing in new film.

Hallyu star Son Ye Jin recently had an interview regarding the new movie she's starring in.

"This was too dramatic change of character for me and I had hard time making my decision after reading the script" said the actress Son who acted as a leader of pickpocket gang, Baek Jang Mi, in the movie 'The Unprotected City'.

She took it as a challenge and an adventure for her career and that's how convinced herself to make the decision.

The interview was held in the city of Busan, where PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival) was held.

Son also said that "For the first time in my acting career, this is the first one that made me to think about what the viewers would think of me when they see this movie."

Her character will play out and show two different sides of a woman who can kill the others for her own good but also holds the weak emotional points of woman at the same time.

This 'The Unprotected City' will crank up next month and be released to the theaters in January.

source: broasia

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Asian Film Officials Rank Im Atop for Joint Film

Im Soo-jeong is the number one preferred actress to cast in a joint Asian film, having been chosen by foreign producers and casting directors participating in the Asian Film Market's co-Production PRO at the ongoing Pusan International Film Festival.

PIFF's Co-Production PRO is a program facilitating joint film production in Asia. Film industry officials in production, investment and distribution from Asia, the Americas and Europe are sharing information and holding talks on joint productions currently in Busan.

The program is linked to another PIFF side event, Curtain Call, which supports Asian star actors and their management.

Invited to this year's Curtain Call was Jo In-seon, Im Soo-jeong, Ananda Everingham of Thailand, Tatsuya Fujiwara of Japan and John Cho of the US.

In a vote of some 100 Co-Production PROs, Im ranked number one for the actor most wanted in a joint production.

In a news conference, Im said she would accept such a casting proposal at any time.

source: kbs global

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Korean Stars at Pusan International Film Festival

Yun Eun Hye

Ji Jin hee

Lee So yeon

Kim Taewoo

Jang Hyuk

Lee Jung Jin


Koh A-ra and Lee Yeon Hee


Hur E-jae (from Goong S)

Kong Hyojin

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Daniel Henney, Kim A-jung Named Rising Stars at Pusan

Premiere Magazine’s 3rd Rising Star Awards recognized the talent of actors Daniel Henney (“My Father”) and Kim A-jung (“200 Pounds Beauty”) at a Busan hotel, Saturday, at the 12th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (PIFF).

The private ceremony was very intimate, with close friends presenting prizes to awardees. Premiere Magazine chooses among works from the past two years, taking into account its artistic merit, popularity, influence and brand power, as well as input from online polls.

“This is a very special award. It’s for acting, it’s an acting award,” said Daniel Henney, who gave a moving performance as a Korean adoptee in “My Father,” a breakthrough role that showed he’s more than just a pretty face. Director Hwang Duk-qu handed him the award.

Actress Kim A-jung’s close friend and co-star Kim Hyunsook from “200 Pounds Beauty” gave a lengthy compliment before giving the star the prize. Kim starred as a talented but overweight singer who is reborn through plastic surgery.

The romantic comedy was a both a domestic and international box office hit, sending Kim off to instant hallyu stardom -- interestingly enough, her name means “center of Asia.”

Source: Koreatimes

credit: Lee Hyo-won

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Jeon Do-yeon to Star in Movie 'A Fine day'

Jeon Do-yeon, the Korean thesp who won Cannes best actress prize this year for "Secret Sunshine", has finally lighted on her next project.

Jeon will star in "Meotjin Haroo," (
A Fine day) a drama helmed by Lee Yoon-ki ("This Charming Girl".) She plays a thirty-something single woman who is shaken by a meeting with an ex-boyfriend. read more


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