Friday, March 28, 2008

Actor Ji Jin-hee to Promote Film 'Soo' in Japan

Actor Ji Jin-hee, who recently stared in the action film 'Soo' (directed by Choi Yang-il and produced by Triz Club), will visit Japan in the coming days.

'Soo' is Korean-Japanese director Choi Yang-il's first Korean film. He was noted for 'Blood and Bones,' which won numerous awards in Japan.

The film features star actors such as Ji Jin-hee, Kang Sung-yeon and Moon Sung-keun. The film is currently being screened at the 'Hallyu Cinema Festival 2008 Spring' in Tokyo, to be held until the end of May.

Ji will attend the 'Ji Jin-hee Special Talk Event 2008' in Tokyo on April 5 to promote the film, and greet Japanese audiences on April 6 during the special screening of the film.

Source: KBS Global

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Monday, March 24, 2008

[Korean Movie 2008 Open City ]

Release date : Jan 10, 2008
112min 35mm
Genre : Action
Official Site :
Main cast: Son Ye jin,Kim Myung Min
Directed by : Lee Sang-ki

The film "
Open City" is a serious real crime action film, which involves the life and works of metropolitan city police and the shocking reality of pocket-picking crimes

Kim Myung Min
will play as the role of Jo Dae Young, a criminal investigator who has the greatest number of successful arrests.

Son Ye Jin
will act as Baek Jang Mi,the boss of a pickpocket organization displaying her femme fatal charm.


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A Whole New ‘Destiny’ for Song Seung-hun

Song Seung-hun used to play sweet, gentle parts, mainly in sad melodramas that squeezed copious tears from his women fans. But in his first work after being discharged from the military, Song is reborn as an explosive, wild and tough guy. He stars in the gangster movie "Destiny" with Kwon Sang-woo and Ji Sung. The movie was sold to Japan for US$2 million last year, even before production had been completed. And more than 30 percent of tickets for the movie are booked even before its release, such is the curiosity about the film.

Song plays Woomin, a gangster who enjoys the trust of his boss and colleagues. "I thought hard about my first work after the discharge. I chose ‘Destiny’ in the end because I wanted to change my gentle image. My family and friends were against my decision, but I wanted a completely new, wild and masculine image, because I’m returning after a long break. So while I was thinking about my new image, I read the ‘Destiny’ screenplay and heard that director Kim Hae-gon would make the movie."

"Woomin is rough and tough. But he is human. I liked his character and sentiments and decided to play the part. I hope people will say, 'Song Seung-hun is not what he used be. He is a real wild, tough guy.'"

The most difficult thing was repressing his emotions while playing Woomin, Song says. “At first, I thought I understood Woomin best and had some different views from the director. But later I came to understand why he asked me to restrain my emotions." He added, "I watched the completed movie for the first time today. I am satisfied."

Credit :

source: Chosun

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Attitude for Actor Kwon Sang-woo

March is usually a downtime for movies, but not this year. Hallyu's well-known Song Seung-heon and Kwon Sang-woo star in "Fate," and it's gaining attention from Korean fans as well as those abroad.

Fans should be prepared for Kwon's transformation in character. He curses, he's vile and he's vicious. He doesn't even blink an eye when he stabs another character in the hand with a broken beer bottle.

"At first, I was very worried about all the swearing, especially because my mother and her friends were coming to the premiere. But after she watched the movie, she told me my character didn't seem like a bad guy because I was playing him! Actually, many people said that so I guess I'm okay... 'Chul-joong' isn't completely bad."

Kwon is already 32 years old. He has become more of a society figure than one of celebrity status. The actor is a veteran in his own right and he spoke today with easy candor. "I shot the movie at a hard time in my life.

When I got really stressed, I would scream and curse on-set. It was great stress release!"

Kwon also admitted, "Now that I'm older, I don't really need anything else. I just want people to see me as 'Actor Kwon Sang-woo'... It's most important that you enjoy what you do and that means acting for me. I guess I'm finally beginning to grow up!"

source: KBS Global

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

'Secret Sunshine' Snags Three Awards at Asian Film Fest

[ From left, actor Song Kang-ho, actress Jeon Do-yeon, director Lee Chang-dong attend the red carpet of the Asian Film Awards as part of the event at Hong Kong International Film Festival in Hong Kong on Monday. /AP ]

Korean film "Secret Sunshine" by director Lee Chang-dong has once again earned recognition at an international film festival.

The movie was honored at this year's Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in three categories -- Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress.

In the Best Film category "Secret Sunshine" went up against Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee's erotic espionage thriller "Lust, Caution."

Actress Jeon Do-yeon who played the lead female role in "Secret Sunshine" grabbed the Best Actress award. Jeon also won Best Actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival for her performance in "Secret Sunshine."

Arirang News


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Actor Song Seung-heon Makes Comeback in 'Fate'

"I didn't want to make a safe comeback. I wanted to show my fans a different side of me."

Actor Song Seung-heon expressed his satisfaction over his latest film role in 'Fate' and said he hopes the film does well at the

box office. He added that he felt thankful that people are noticing the changes in him.

'Fate' co-star Kwon Sang-woo also said he wanted to portray a different side of himself in the film and said his latest role has helped him achieve that goal.

'Fate' revolves around four best friends who find themselves face-to-face with their unexpected destinies which involves betraying each other.

At the premiere of the film, Korean fans as well as Japanese fans crowded around the theater to get a glimpse of the star actors.

The premiere site was also filled with large wreaths sent by fans.

source: kbs global

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Korean Films Receives Accolades Overseas

Korean films have been receiving accolades at international film festivals.

'Girl of the Himalayas' directed by Jeon Soo-il received the best cinematography and the audience's choice awards at the 9th annual Las Palmas International Film Festival. Prior to the Las Palmas film festival, the film received three awards at the 22nd annual Swiss International Film Festival.

I'm a Cyborg but That's OK


'I'm a Cyborg but That's OK' directed by Park Chan-wook received special honors in the fantasy category of the main competition section at the 28th annual FantasPorto International Film Festival. Meanwhile, director Kim Ki-duk's 'Breath' took home the Special Jury Prize in the Orient Express category exclusively for Asian films.

source: kbs global

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Friday, March 07, 2008

[ Korean Movie 2008 ] Babo / Fool

Genre : Drama
Release date : Feb 28, 2008
Director : Kim Jung-kwon
Main Cast : Cha Tae-hyun, Ha Ji-won


Ji-ho is a promising pianist, studying and playing abroad for years. But one night she had a stage fright and never recovers. In despair, Ji-ho comes home and meets her old classmate Sung-ryong. Once a very bright boy, Sung-ryong had an accident and now he is in late 20s with the mind of a six year old. He is very forgetful, but he has never forgotten his first love Ji-ho. Other half of Sung-ryong’s dumb mind is occupied with his only family – younger sister Jee-in. To take care of her, Sung-ryong sells toasts in front of Jee-in’s school. But Jee-in is embarrassed of her idiotic brother and ignores him. And Sang-soo is Sung-ryong’s old friend who understands Sung-ryong’s innocent mind. But he inevitably falls to the world of gangsters. Ji-ho is still in her slump, Jee-in falls sick and Sang-soo gets involved in a bloody dispute. But all of their agonies are miraculously saved by Sung-ryong in a way nobody has forseen.

Source : Korean Film Council

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Park Han Byul changes her image in Fate.

Park Han Byul
has appeared with image of a grown-up woman in Fate, which is the movie that is being waited now.

In this movie, Park Han Byul plays Eun Young who is a girl unintentionally falling into the spiral of four young men played by Song Seung Hun, Kwon Sang Woo, Ji Sung and Kim In Kwon. Therefore, she has had a non-outlet life.

Specially, Park Han Byul has drop out her young woman image before to play a grown-up woman who has an empty look and a cigarette which is always on her lips.
Park Han Byul said "Through this work, I had a chance to try my skill with a completely new acting style".

Park Han Byul
has really appreciated and tried her best to get the best results. At the film studio, she regularly asked for re-filming if she felt those scenes did not reach the fulfilled requirements. Therefore, she got a nickname "once again girl" by the backstage staff.

will be presented to Korean audiences on March 20.

Translation : pooh9x@KST_CICHLID

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