Thursday, March 20, 2008

Actor Song Seung-heon Makes Comeback in 'Fate'

"I didn't want to make a safe comeback. I wanted to show my fans a different side of me."

Actor Song Seung-heon expressed his satisfaction over his latest film role in 'Fate' and said he hopes the film does well at the

box office. He added that he felt thankful that people are noticing the changes in him.

'Fate' co-star Kwon Sang-woo also said he wanted to portray a different side of himself in the film and said his latest role has helped him achieve that goal.

'Fate' revolves around four best friends who find themselves face-to-face with their unexpected destinies which involves betraying each other.

At the premiere of the film, Korean fans as well as Japanese fans crowded around the theater to get a glimpse of the star actors.

The premiere site was also filled with large wreaths sent by fans.

source: kbs global

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