Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Son Ye-jin brushes up on history to play spy

In her new movie, Korean actress SonYeJin is slated to play a Korean spy who lived through the 1930s Japanese Occupation.

In a phone interview with Yonhap News Agency last week, she said she has been busy preparing for her role by brushing up on her history and learning the language of yesteryear.

Her character is known to be a mysterious 'modern girl', an icon of the turbulent 1930s.
Since playing a divorcee in the drama Alone In Love , YeJin,25, has been keeping a low profile.
She returned home to Taegu last week to spend the Lunar New Year holidays with her family. But she is expected to return to Seoul to start filming her new movie by end March.

source: ELECTRIC

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bae Yong-joon Classical Album Concert to Be Held

A classical music concert will be held in Tokyo on March 3 to mark the release of “BYJ Classics Hero,” a classical music album containing music pieces selected by Japan’s favorite son-in-law Bae Yong-joon that was released on Dec. 25 last year.

Performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Symphony under the baton of Korean-Japanese conductor Kim Seong-hyang, the “BYJ Classics” concert will consist of two parts under the themes of “passion” and “hero.”

Part of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to charities at the request of the Korean actor.
source:kbs grobal

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Song Hae Kyo VS Ha ji-won In the Look Hwang Jin-Yi

Song hae kyo in Hwang Jin-Yi Korean movie version and Ha ji won in Hwang Jin-Yi KBS Korean drama version

The best artist of the Joseon era, Hwangjini is a talented dancer, musician and poet. She was born to a nobleman and a court dancer, and is destined to live as a dancer. Despite her inborn talent, she works hard to hone her skills. She falls in love with a nobleman but her first love ends up tragically due to differences in their social status, and eventually the man she loves dies.

Song Hye Gyo has been preparing intensely to take on the role of Hwang Jin-YI.
Song Hye Gyo has been taking lessons on traditional etiquette, how to wear a hanbok, and also working on her figure. Her preparations are being applied in her daily routine in her daily practices to cultivate her every movement and carriage to fit harmoniously with wearing a hanbok. Song Hye Gyo has also been watching her diet, and is practicing walking with short steps.

She is also studying the original work of Hwang Jin-YI' to become fully acquainted with her character. This movie will be quite a transformation for Song Hye Gyo who has mostly taken on roles of an innocent and vulnerable woman.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Like a Virgin Amuses Viewers at Berlin Film Festival

The film Like a Virgin,which was invited to the Generation section of the Berlin International Film Festival, has drawn big attention at its first showing on Monday local time. The Korean film not only saw tickets for the premiere sold out but also received a good response from viewers. The audience burst out laughing throughout the movie and showed great interest during a 30-minute meeting with directors Lee Hae-young and Lee Hae-jun after the viewing.

source: kbs grobal

Monday, February 12, 2007

“I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Ok” Draws Interest at Berlin Film Festival

Director Park Chan-wook’s “I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Ok” has drawn much interest from the press at the Berlin International Film Festival, which opened on Feb. 7.

A throng of reporters came to the preview of the film, which was submitted to the festival’s competition section, on Feb. 9. Many reporters also attended the press conference held after the preview to cover it.

Reporters showed particular interest in the film’s peculiar subject matter, plot and description of violence. They asked Jeong Ji-hoon (singer Rain), who played the lead, how he as a top singer felt about his first appearance in a movie.

The hype for the movie from the press is mostly due to director Park’s reputation in the international film world. Film reporters from around the world expressed their high expectations for the Korea director’s new work.
source:kbs grobal

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Rain, Im Soo-jeong to Attend Berlin Film Festival

The two main leads of the film "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK"--Jeong Ji-hoon, better known as singer Rain, and actress Im Soo-jeong--will attend the Berlin International Film Festival.

Im will hold a news conference and attend a red carpet event and a movie premiere on Friday. More interviews with the foreign media are scheduled for the weekend in the German capital.

Im has previously attended the Berlin festival for her 2003 film "A Tale of Two Sisters" (director Kim Ji-woon), and this is her second visit as "Cyborg" was officially invited to compete in the festival.

In "Cyborg," the 28-year-old actress plays a clueless girl who believes herself to be a cyborg, opposite singer Rain, who made his big screen debut in the film.
source:kbs grobal

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Daejanggeum" Musical to Debut on Stage This Year

A Korean historical TV drama that was a big hit in many Asian countries is now ready to move to the stage as a musical. Called "Daejanggeum" in Korea and also known as "A Jewel in the Palace," the producers are hoping to take the musical overseas after first showing it to local audiences.

Elaborate costumes, a tight plot and talented performers. The new production of "Daejanggeum" has all of those elements, and is set to hit the stage in May. The production is based on the TV drama of the same name about a woman who goes from royal chef to court physician.
“‘Daejanggeum' has aired in 50 countries, so its storyline is well-known and it has name value,” Song Seung-hwan, the musical’s producer, said. “We have here today people from a Chinese theater, a Japanese broadcaster and a Singaporean stage company. They're very interested in the musical 'Daejanggeum,' and want to show it in their countries."The TV series set a host of records during its run in Korea between September 2003 and March 2004. It was also a hit in other Asian nations such as Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. The musical version could ride on the coattails of the Korean Wave or hallyu, and further spread Korean culture and influence throughout the world.

The musical's production company PMC is already famous for creating the hit percussion dance show "Nanta."PMC says it'll focus on the Korean market this year with shows in July in Daegu and at Seongnam Arts Center south of Seoul in August. The company will then seek to hold performances next year in Southeast Asia and other countries.

Arirang News

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Who will star in the B-Boys movie?

According to Haesol Entertainment, it plans to produce a movie with a comical twist about the life of B-Boys. Moreover, the lead actor will be directly chosen by the people. On February 10, at the Hongdae Catchlight, a production conference will take place and a poll will be opened to decide who will be casted in the movie. Among the candidates for the leading role are Eric, Park Jun Suk, Yang Dong Geun, Jung Geun Suk, SE7EN, Lim Joo Eun, Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Hyo Ri, Kim Ok Bin and Moon Geun Young.

Source: joynews24

Directors Lee Jun-ik(directorof king of the clown )and Kim Hae-gon Make Male-bonding Films

Two of Korea’s top filmmakers have chosen to make movies about male bonding. Director Lee Jun-ik of “King and the Clown” and “Radio Star” fame is preparing to shoot “Joyful Life,” a story about three adults and the son of their dead friend who form a rock band to escape from their unhappy lives. Director Kim Hae-gon, who filmed the sleeper hit “Between Love and Hate” last year, will try his hand at the film noir genre with his next film, “Fate.” The film portrays the tumultuous lives of four childhood friends.The production of these two films will begin as soon as the casts are decided, with the movies expected for release around Chuseok.

source : kbs grobal

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok poster

Credit to : K.jinijung

I'm a cyborg,but that's ok youtube link

Cyborg - Youtube Links...Credit to : K.jinijung and sim popcornfor2 board
06.11.09 Yonhap news_Cyborg movie press conference

06.11.10 Bi – KBS2 Cyborg Press Conference & Cyborg press + movie couple (KBS - 2006.11.10):

06.11.10 Bi - MBC Cyborg Press Conference & Cyborg Interview (Behind - MBC - 2006.11.10): interview (ETN News -

06.11.10 Innolife TV Cyborg Making Press Conference:

06.11.10 MBC Section ENT TV ~ Cyborg Production Press Conference:

Friday, February 02, 2007

Uhm Jung Hwa , Park Yong Woo, Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Young lead the movie “Do You Live with Your Lover Now?"

Uhm Jung Hwa , Park Yong Woo, Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Young will costar in the movie “Do You Live with Your Lover Now? ” This movie portrays two couples swapping their partners one night.
UJH and PYW play a couple who had been dating for 5 years before they got married for 3 years. LDG and HCY play another couple who had been dating for 2 months before they got married for 3 years. They belong to the distinct new-generation couples. Each couple’s partner unexpectedly bumps in to each other during their trips in Seoul and Hong Kong and then develops relationships. The director is Jun Yoon Soo who directed the movie “Yesterday , 2002)”. He plans to make this film a comical and humorous one. The filming is scheduled in February.


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