Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Directors Lee Jun-ik(directorof king of the clown )and Kim Hae-gon Make Male-bonding Films

Two of Korea’s top filmmakers have chosen to make movies about male bonding. Director Lee Jun-ik of “King and the Clown” and “Radio Star” fame is preparing to shoot “Joyful Life,” a story about three adults and the son of their dead friend who form a rock band to escape from their unhappy lives. Director Kim Hae-gon, who filmed the sleeper hit “Between Love and Hate” last year, will try his hand at the film noir genre with his next film, “Fate.” The film portrays the tumultuous lives of four childhood friends.The production of these two films will begin as soon as the casts are decided, with the movies expected for release around Chuseok.

source : kbs grobal

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