Sunday, October 14, 2007

Daniel Henney, Kim A-jung Named Rising Stars at Pusan

Premiere Magazine’s 3rd Rising Star Awards recognized the talent of actors Daniel Henney (“My Father”) and Kim A-jung (“200 Pounds Beauty”) at a Busan hotel, Saturday, at the 12th Pusan (Busan) International Film Festival (PIFF).

The private ceremony was very intimate, with close friends presenting prizes to awardees. Premiere Magazine chooses among works from the past two years, taking into account its artistic merit, popularity, influence and brand power, as well as input from online polls.

“This is a very special award. It’s for acting, it’s an acting award,” said Daniel Henney, who gave a moving performance as a Korean adoptee in “My Father,” a breakthrough role that showed he’s more than just a pretty face. Director Hwang Duk-qu handed him the award.

Actress Kim A-jung’s close friend and co-star Kim Hyunsook from “200 Pounds Beauty” gave a lengthy compliment before giving the star the prize. Kim starred as a talented but overweight singer who is reborn through plastic surgery.

The romantic comedy was a both a domestic and international box office hit, sending Kim off to instant hallyu stardom -- interestingly enough, her name means “center of Asia.”

Source: Koreatimes

credit: Lee Hyo-won

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