Sunday, January 22, 2012

Always [ Korean Movie 2011]

Genre : Melodrama, Romance
Starring : So Ji-Sub, Han Hyo-Joo
Release date : October 20, 2011
Runtime :108 min.
Directed by: Song Il-Gon


Chul-min (So Ji-Sub) leads a hard life delivering the water by day and working at the parking lot by night. His life seems nothing but ordinary, however, he hides his dark past that he used to hit the people for living. One day a strange blind woman called Jung-hwa (Han Hyo-Joo) visits him at the parking lot, who changes his life completely. Looking at cheerful and bright Jung-hwa, Chul-min slowly opens his mind. Jung-hwa also lets him enter her lonely world. To lead a better life with the new love, Chul-min re-starts boxing dreaming of the future as a MMA fighter. But always the good time ends soon. As Chul-min finds out that Jung-hwa might lose her eyesight forever if she doesn’t receive the transplant operation soon and he himself is responsible for the accident which took Jung-hwa’s eyesight and her parents away five years ago, he falls into despair. Burdened with the complex feelings mixed with guilt towards Jung-hwa and affection to her, Chul-min decides to play in the gambling fight abroad, which is the chance to collect the huge amount of money at once. He leaves her all at once without a trace or any note.






Joni said...

This one has become a favorite for me. It's sooo beautiful and heart-wrenching... I loved it.

Mary said...

I find this movie so realistic. Because of Oh Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo's performances.