Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Romance of Their Own [ Korean Movie 2004 ]

Genre : Romance, Drama
Starring : Jo Han-sun, Lee Cheong-ah, Kang Dong-won
Release date : July 22, 2004
Runtime :113 min.
Directed by: Kim Tae-gyun


Han-kyung, a country bumpkin in every aspect, moves to Gangsin High school in Seoul to live with her mother. However her Seoul life is full of psychological and physical shocks. Someone throws his slipper at her head while riding the bus. But the problem does not end there. BAN Hea-won, the boy who threw the slipper, is no ordinary guy but the most popular hunk in the neighborhood. He takes fancy at Han-kyung’s bewildered but cute ways and pursues her aggressively. Even worse, JUNG Tae-seong, the shy but strong-fisted and strong-willed zzang(leader) of neighborhood Seonggwon High School has also taken a fancy to Han-kyung. The two rivals in pride and love erupt into a desperate fight, and Han-kyung is touched and confused at the same time. However, Tae-sung cannot love Han-kyung due to an untold secret, but not knowing this, Han-kyung agonizes over ways to not hurt them both. Tae-sung finally leaves Han-kyung and only then Hea-won and Han-kyung realize his secret. Their tragic but youthful story will bring tears to your eyes.




Sunny Side-Up said...

This movie made me cry so much!!!!! Sigh. Wow.

Wonderful job though, reminds me of some of the Manhwa I read.

Anonymous said...

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