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Movie ‘Hwang Jinee’ receives explosive reception in Berlin

A story not recorded in history but more passionate than history, the movie (Director: Jang Yoon-Hyun, Cast: Song Hye-Kyo, Yoo Ji-Tae, Distribution: Cinema Service, Production: Cine2000, Siz Entertainment) has captivated the world’s movie critics through its teaser poster. The movie entered its first overseas market through the Europe Film Market (EFM) going on in Berlin, and although they entered with only a teaser poster and no teaser trailer, the intense and luxurious image of the poster has drawn the attention of overseas critics and has resulted in sales all over Asia.

The overseas teaser posted added more intensity to the version released in Korea. To Hwang Jinee’s alluring figure with its firm gaze and hands drawing up both sides of her skirt , they added a modern flower image and the main copy, QUEEN AT HER HEART, HUMBLE IN HER SPIRIT, as well as the tag, ‘The most divine courtesan Joseon has ever know’, thereby increasing the curiosity surrounding the character and the overall expectations of the movie. The main copy brings to mind both Queen Elizabeth I and the gypsy Carmen, and also implies the sexual charms of one like Joan d’Arc’s contemporary Juh Hang-Sung and Marilyn Monroe, thus strongly appealing to overseas critics who are unacquainted with Hwang Jinee. The reaction is that through the concise but impactful copy and the luxurious but intense visuals of the teaser poster, overseas movie critics’ interest in the movie has amplified.

Through the reception of the one teaser poster at EFM, movie <Hwang Jinee> has been acknowledged as being a potential overseas release. In Asia, where actress Song Hye-Kyo is already well-known through her previous works, the poster promises a transformation of her prior image, and the high expectations for the movie are not hidden. This is especially true in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam where the movie has already been sold to much hail. Even among the overseas critics who are not familiar with the reputation of the actress, there are those who consider it a strong candidate for entry into the Cannes Film Festival in May. It can be said that this kind of reaction to the movie, just from the teaser poster, is very unusual indeed.

As the most anticipated movie of 2007, movie has finished its final stages and will be released to worldwide audiences this spring.

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