Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Moment to Remember: A classic tearjerker story

Director :Lee Jae Han
Cast: Jung Woo Sung, Son Ye Jin


A career woman, Soo-jin who has everything and born with a silver spoon got dumped by her already-married boyfriend and tries about him. One day she bumps into a poor carpenter, Chul-soo whose only goal in life is to become an architect and becomes attracted to him. They finally fall in love and are happily married. Now that she thinks she found the right one, she has to face an undeniable fact that she has disease which causes her to lose her memories.
credit: tour2korea

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greenery said...

hello...i love this 1st it is just a romantic love story but then towards the middle and end of is so beautiful...pure love and life as husband n wife...worth watching this movie..but spare some tissues by your side...hehehe

van said...

van said...

i really love this made me cry and it made me believed that love really is worth fighting for...happy ending indeed!

mtran0708 said...

Hi, I don't know how I found my way onto this blog lol... but I just wanted to say 'thanks', as I have just watched this movie and I can admit that I have never shed so many tears over a movie like this before. This movie is a real tearjerker! Must have a box of tissues by your side.