Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Shin Min-a & Kong Hyo-Jin to Play Sisters in New Movie

Kong Hyo-jin and Shin Min-a have been cast together in the film "I Like It This Way."

The two actresses will take on the roles of half-sisters with completely different personalities.

Kong Hyo-jin
will play the older sister, a kind-hearted fish shop owner, and Shin Min-a will play the younger sister, a highly ambitious career woman.
"I Like It This Way" is a road trip movie in which half-sisters with different fathers travel together in search of the younger sister's biological father.

Kong Hyo-jin, who recently appeared in the film "Happiness," as a stylish woman, is expected to show yet another side of herself in the new film along with Shin Min-a, who has also recently finished filming the movie "Mighty Princess."

Kong and Shin made their debuts as fashion magazine models and are known as close friends.
We hope their strong friendship will translate into a moving portrayal of the journey of two sisters.
The film is scheduled to open in theaters early next year.

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1 comment:

sollee said...

definitely i'm going to watch it...i know it's going to be a great drama coz it will star 2 good korean actresses...