Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jun Ji Hyun, "If all actors were like Hwang Jung Min"

"Thinking it would be nice if all actors were like Hwang Jung Min, I am currently greatly enjoying filming this movie," says Jun Ji Hyun of 'The man who used to be Superman.'

At the press conference held on the 28th, Jun Ji Hyun also commented, "I feel a lot of burden as I haven't acted in a
Korean film for a while, but I feel very good about the movie itself. Hwang Jung Min is a nice person beyond being an actor and I am also learning a lot (about acting)."

Jun Ji Hyun
recently finished filming 'Blood: The Last Vampire' in Hollywood making this is her first Korean piece since 'Daisy' which opened early last year.

She changed her style for the movie, changing her trademark long straight hair into a perm and lower bangs. She says, "I am very good at surviving. I don't put on makeup and my wardrobe is careless, but I am not concerning myself with it."

Hwang Jung Min added, "I think her look right now is sexier and nice. At times she can be silly, but she is a very good person overall. Our teamwork is wonderful on set."

In response to a question asking what type of super power she would like, Jun answered, "I want a super power that lets me act well. Working with Director Jung and Hwang Jung Min, I am making that power a reality."

Director Jung commented, "The
Korean film industry is suffering right now, but I want to become a Super Director that can save it. This movie is about letting people know that anyone can become a super hero if they want to, and giving them power and hope."

Jun Ji Hyun commented on an episode during filming, "I had to smoke a cigarette for the first time but it was tough as I usually consider health to be the most important," to which Hwang Jung Min quickly replied, "It was a prop cigarette made of sagebrush."

This movie is about human documentary producer Song Soo Jung (played by Jun Ji Hyun), who is sick of filming hypocritical programs that touch on people's sympathy, who starts to change by meeting a man (Hwang Jung Min) believing himself to be a superman who has lost powers but still tries to help everyone around. The movie is scheduled for release early next year.

source: broasia

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