Monday, May 21, 2007

Kim Rae Won, returns to silver screen as K-1 player in Miracle

Title : Miracle
Genre : Romance, comedy

Filming starts : May 2007

Opens : Fall 2007

Director : KANG Suk Bum

Actor Kim Rae Won returns to the big screen as a K-1 fighter.

Kim Rae Won’s next movie
Miracle’ will starts filming in May. ‘Miracle’, a romantic comedy, is the new project of director Kang Suk Bum, who’s attracted much attention for directing ‘Sunflower’ last year.

Kim Rae Won
collaborated closely with director Kang Suk Bum last year through ‘Sunflower’. Kim Rae Won happily accepted his invitation to play in his new movie. This time Kim Rae Won plays a Taekwondo teacher and K-1 fighter. The love story spins around his dates and fights with a woman played by a top actress.

The proposed female lead is identified as top star A. Kim Rae Won has started a long series of physical training as well as Taekwondo practices for some months, preparing for the movie.

According to a production group member of ‘Miracle’, Kim Rae Won felt the strong love of movies while working for ‘Sunflower’. This time he’ll use his most skilled style to play a romantic comedy character, completely different from that in ‘Sunflower’.

On the other hand, he’s been famous as a
hallyu star in Japan. He recently participated in a Japanese movie ‘Shadow of the Flower’ which will be his debut on Japan’s big screen.

Some time ago, some Japanese fans flew to Korea to see
Kim Rae Won at the filming set of ‘Sunflower’ and not long ago, Kim Rae Won held a special fans meeting for his fans in Japan. As a new generation hallyu star, Kim Rae Won’s new movie ‘Miracle’ will surely arouse great attention among his Japanese fans.

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credit source: PChoi@soompi

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