Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Breath" Draws Spotlight in Cannes

Director Kim Ki-deok's movie "Breath" has drawn significant attention in Cannes.

The movie, which was invited to compete at the 60th Cannes Film Festival, received a favorable response after it was screened May 19 and has grossed impressive profits.

The world-renowned movie magazine Variety quoted the firm in charge of the movie's overseas marketing as saying that the movie has been sold to film festivals in Poland, Singapore and Lithuania.

"Breath" made headlines when it was sold prior to its opening to France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey and Greece.

One foreign news agency expressed hopes that Korean filmmakers can produce more "charming films like 'Breath.'"

Attention is now focused on whether "Breath" will bring an award to director Kim Ki-deok, who has previously won awards at the Berlin and Venice film festivals.

source: kbs global

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Gökçe said...

Hey i have a question about this movie.Does anybody know the name of the ''winter song''? The one they are singing while driving the car..