Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Directed by Park Chan-wook)

New movie by Park Chan-wook (old boy,Sympathy For Lady Vengeance)
starring:Rain,Im soo jung

K-pop star Rain (24) has accepted a starring role in director Park Chan-wook’s next movie titled "I'm a Cyborg, but It's Ok" produced by Moho Film. Scheduled to start shooting in March or April, "I'm a Cyborg" is this year’s much-awaited project by Park, who made his name worldwide by winning the Grand Prix at Cannes with "Old Boy." The new movie is about a girl who suffers from the delusion that she is a combat cyborg. Sectioned in a mental hospital, she falls in love with a boy who thinks he can steal people’s souls with a machine he has created. The chief of Rain’s management company JVP Entertainment, Hong Seung-song, says the fledgling actor’s schedule was already booked up for the year. "The reason Rain decided to make his screen debut with the movie lies partly in the re######tion of the director and partly in his intention to establish himself as an actor with this work," he said. Rain has appeared in several TV dramas including "Full House" and now seems to hope for a chance to broaden his acting skills by starring in the movie.

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