Sunday, October 08, 2006

Synopsis:Kwon Sang Woo new movie almost love

almost love
Close childhood friends, Ji Hwan (Kwon, Sang Woo) and Dal Lae (Kim, Ha Neul), are both starting college at the same school. Ji Hwan’s hero is Bruce Lee, and his dream is to become a world movie action hero, and Dal Lae wants to become an actress. The two are always at each other’s throats, and are brutally honest with each other. However, they are always there for each other when each of them need help, and their friendship is the envy of many people.One day, Dal Lae begins dating Young Hun, one of Ji Hwan’s classmate, who is the class leader and an all-round athlete. Ji Hwan also begins dating the beautiful Ji Min, not in the least comparable to Dal Lae. That is when strange vibes begin to surface between Ji Hwan and Dal Lae. Everyone else knows except for these two. These two who’ve been friends for 13 years do not want to admit that they are in love under the guise of friendship. Will this comic romance fantasy they have created make them realize that they are really in love with each other before it’s too late
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