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kim tae hee :interview

Talented young korean actress Kim Tae-hee, 23, came into the spotlight as she realistically portrayed an evil woman in the TV drama, “The Stairway to Heaven(천국의 계단)”, and proved her potential to the public. It is still hard to believe that she is an inexperienced actress who made her debut only one year ago. Chance has nothing to do with her present success; Kim is known as an extremely hardworking person. There is something special in her after all.

Q: You have recently risen to stardom. How do you feel?

Kim: I’m very happy, and I’m enjoying my life as an actress very much. I sometimes miss the time when I was just an ordinary student, though. These days, many people recognize me, so I have to be more prudent about what I do even when I’m with my friends.

Q: You played an evil character perfectly in the drama, The Stairway to HeavenI wonder if the character is similar to your real-life personality..

Kim: Of course not!(laugh) When I decided to take the role, everybody stopped me because I
have a totally different personality from the character. Unlike the character in the drama, I’m a very frank person. People can read my mind just by looking at me.

Q:It must have been very hard for you to play the role of the deceitful Han Yu-ri.

Kim: You can say that again. In order to act realistically, I needed to understand the character’s mentality. However, I couldn’t fully empathize with her because she was such an unrealistic character. Of course, everybody has both a good and an evil side to them. But Han Yu-ri only reveals her evil side, which a normal person wouldn’t do.

Q: Your acting was very impressive in the drama. Because of that, people could assume that you are evil like her.

Kim: You have hit the nail on the head. People say that I sometimes behave as bad as Han Yu-ri.(laugh) I felt bad at first, but now I regard it as a compliment because that means I was totally immersed in the role.

Q: Did you find it difficult to appear in two different dramas simultaneously?

Kim: Needless to say, it was very hard. In the morning, I had to be a nice person as my character in “The Heungbu’s Gourd Has Opened is angelic. Then, in the evening, I had to become a horrible and mean person for The Stairway to Heaven. It was like having a dual life. As I’m still an inexperienced actress, it wasn’t easy at all.

Q: Which character was easier to do, the good-natured or the ill-natured one?

Kim: The former, of course. She’s a more realistic character and I have many similarities with her. I could fully express her feelings and empathize with the character.

Q: As a novice, acting must be difficult. Have you ever regretted becoming an actress?

Kim: I know that acting is never easy, and that I have lots more things to learn. But I don’t have any regrets nor do I want to give up. Instead, I try to overcome the difficulties I encounter. Acting is like a battle with myself, and I want to be the winner.

Q: What kind of character do you want to challenge in the future?

Kim: I want to play a happy-go-lucky woman like the heroine of the movie Amelie. She shares her love and hopes with other people, and that makes them happy. I want to do the same thing.

Q: Let’s assume that you are competing with your brother for a prize at an awards ceremony, would you let him win?

Kim: If that happens to us, that would be an honor to my family. And of course, I would love to give the prize to my brother with pleasure. What a nice sister I am!(laugh)

Q: I heard you have some unusual nicknames.

Kim: They call me a ‘Senseless Lady’ because sometimes I get a little senseless. These days, however, I try to be more sensitive. Another name is ‘Head banging.’ I’m, a little embarrassed to explain how I got this nickname, but I’ll tell you anyway. I often fell into a doze during classes and looked as if I were head banging just like a heavy metal singer.

Q: If you could become anyone you wanted for one day, who would you want to be, and what would you want to do?

Kim: If that is possible, I’ll definitely become Nicole Kidman, my favorite actress, and appear in the film, Moulin Rouge. Her acting was marvelous in the movie, and it inspired me a lot. I want to become an accomplished actress like her.

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