Friday, May 16, 2008

[ Korean movie 2008 ] Fate ( Destiny )

Producers : MKDK Entertainment
Director : KIM Hae-gon
Genre : Action
Starring : Song Seung Heon , Kwon Sang Woo, Ji Sung , Park Han Byul
Official Site :
release: 20th March, 2008

Length: 123 mins


In the dark criminal world of Seoul, U-min (Song), Cheol-jung (Kwon), Do-wan (Kim In-kwon) and Yeong-hwan (Ji Sung) are close friends in a gang. One day, with the help of an older member Gang-seop (Ahn Nae-seong), U-min, Cheol-jung and Do-wan attack the gang's casino so they can start new lives. But their plan goes awry when Cheol-jung betrays them, and U-min goes to prison. He becomes the scapegoat to save his friends' lives.

After serving his time, U-min wants to stay out of trouble but is drawn back into the underworld when he sees what has become of his friends: money and power-hungry Cheol-jung continues to betray others as he climbs up the gang ladder; Do-wan is a drug user; Gang-seop is missing; and his girlfriend Eun-yeong (Park Han-byul) has left him to run a bar as the boss' mistress.

As U-min tries to solve the situation, however, unfortunate twists of fate set off one misunderstanding after another. To make matters worse, the mob boss and right-hand man Yoeng-hwan get them involved in a huge drug deal. Once again thrown into a game with high stakes and big cash, the once best friends must fight one another for their lives.



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Anonymous said...

best movie! dun miss it ...heheheheh
both r talented actors

fans from Singapore

Anonymous said...

but how 2 watch?

Anonymous said...

im dying 2 watch this movie,can anybody plz tel me hw 2 watch??

Anonymous said...

I just left this one in Yutub so enjoy i guess :)