Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sung Yuri Takes On Her First Movie

Korean actress Sung Yuri will be playing a leading role in a movie for the first time! According to a staff from her management agency Sidus HQ, Sung Yuri has reached an agreement with the production company of “Rabbit and Lizard” and will be playing the leading role in this upcoming movie.

This is not the first time Sung Yuri has participated in a movie though. She acted in both “Emergency 19″ and “How to Keep My Love” in the past, but they were either a cameo or supporting role. A movie leading role is the first time for her.

The plot of “Rabbit and Lizard” revolves around the life of a girl (Sung Yuri) who was adopted by a foreign family at a very young age. She grew up overseas and only returns to South Korea after 23 years in search for her own identity.

To prepare for the movie, Sung Yuri has taken the effort to study the script everyday. “Rabbit and Lizard”, which will be directed by Director Joo Ji Hong, will begin shooting in February.

Definitely a busy first-half for Sung Yuri as she has to make transverse between “Swallow The Sun” and this, but I’m sure she will be able to cope with it.

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Laura said...

Gosh! I would never never watch any of her drama or movie again. I am watching Swallow the sun now and her acting is so so horrible and so so bad. I watched Snow Queen because of Hyun Bin and could not stand her acting.

Now with Swallow the sun, I have to endure her acting again. Ji Sung is my favorite actor and it's the reason I am watching the drama but skipping most of her scenes.

This woman has a pretty face and that's all she has. Her wardrobes in Swallow the sun are only shorts. She wears shorts every where: to work, to fancy restaurants, to school, every where. Give me a break, she has nothing to show off when her acting is so bad and boring. Should learn the skills from Song Kye Hyo's please please.

Gabriel said...

You must be blinded.
She is not as bad an actress as you described.She's prettier than
you and you can't accept it.
Go into acting yourself and show what you can do.Cheers & up yours..

Len said...

Sung Yuri's acting is very good. She is absolutely gorgeous and is a genuinely nice person (donated her earnings from her movie to her staff!) She's got a pretty voice and talent playing piano too.

kloss said...

She is a hottiest woman n very unique, i like sung yuri my all time favourite actress :)