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Actress Kang Talks About Stalker's Pain

Heroine of film "Why Did You Come to My House?"

"This film is for those who adhered to criminal activity or thought of suicide because of love, and anyone who ever did harm or suffered over love," said actress Kang Hye-jeong during the presentation of her new film "Why Did You Come to My House?" at a Seoul theater Thursday.

She said her character "Lee Su-gang" is "wacky, lacks social skills, doesn't have a big dream in life, but dreams of miraculous love."

Lee rarely opens up to others, but she loves one man, Park Ji-min (played by Big Bang member Seungri), in her own unique way for ten years. To stalk him, she enters the home of Kim Byeong-hee (Park Hee-sun), which provides a good view of Park's house. She saves Kim, who was about to hang himself to death. Then she ties up his hands and legs and locks him up.

The film continues the series of "female character" films such as "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance," "My Scary Girl" and "Crush and Blush."

This is the first feature film for director Hwang Su-a, who debuted with a music video and TV commercials. She says the film is a "unique romance film that incorporates the traits of other film genres and an emotional unraveling about love and how people love."

Kang said, "I first befriended Hwang in a different film. She wrote this script partially based on myself so I feel closer to the character."

"Lee's beauty lies in her unpolished nature. She's rough but also feeble. It feels real. I didn't have to be pretty, which I liked."

When asked if Lee's blind love gave anyone a hard time, Kang said, "Stalking someone for a decade is itself a painful thing to do."

"She opened up people who approached her for the first time. She didn't care for anything else about her life, which must have been painful because it's isolating yourself. But she ultimately transforms her obsessive, possessive love to devotion and patience. This is hard in real life but I believe she achieved ideal love."

"I'm not as clear-cut in my own love life. I just want to live as I feel."

Actor Park Hee-sun plays "Kim Byeon-hee" who became addicted to suicide attempts ever since his wife died in a car accident. He said, "The script was good but I didn't think twice after hearing that Kang was cast. It's my first romance film but it fit me well and it's just a lovely piece."

Big Bang's Seungri, who marks his acting debut in this film, said, "Park was really nice, like an old brother, but Kang was indeed a professional. She called me up before the shoot and checked up on me. It was great to get to know talented stars. Filming went well."

source: KBS Global

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