Monday, August 17, 2009

So Ji-sub: 'It's Good for Actors to Have Wrinkles'

"If I keep appearing in foreign productions, someday I'll get a chance to debut in Hollywood," says actor So Ji-sub, who is currently appearing in the Korean-Chinese movie "Sophie's Revenge."

At a news conference on August 13, prior to the movie's release, which is slated for August 20, So told journalists that he had gained more experience by filming in China. The actor said he had chosen the movie because he wanted to shed his "tough guy" image and try a lighter role.

In "Sophie's Revenge," So plays a doctor who likes to flirt with women. He betrays his girlfriend, Sophie, just two months before their scheduled wedding, and Sophie, played by Zhang Ziyi, embarks on making him come back.

The movie can be regarded as an entirely foreign production because the majority of the cast and the director are Chinese. It's So's second foreign production after the 2008 Japanese movie "Ge Ge Ge Kitaro."

So said the most difficult part about working in China for three years was inconvenient restrooms and the language barrier. "Because of the problems in communication, I didn't have much choice in terms of interpreting my role in my own way. But that's all. I didn't face any other major obstacles," said So.

So also talked about his experience of acting opposite two beautiful actresses - Zhang Ziyi and Bingbing Fan. "Zhang Ziyi is very upbeat and cute. She is like her character, Sophie. By contrast, Bingbing Fan exudes powerful charisma. They are both very good at portraying feelings," said So.

With regard to his possible Hollywood debut, So said, "I can't just show up in Hollywood at my own will. If I keep appearing in foreign productions, someday I'll get a chance to debut in Hollywood."

Working overseas is no easy task for So. Apart from the language barrier, each action that he makes can affect the reputation of Korean actors in the eyes of foreigners. "Everything I do determines Korean actors' reputation. I did my best to take extra care. That was also kind of stressful. I want to play roles that suit my age. It's good for actors to have wrinkles on their faces, though I could get a few Botox shots if I get older," said So, laughing.

source: KBS Global

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