Friday, September 18, 2009

Kang Hye-jung Talks About Impending Marriage

The actress
Kang Hye-jung has for the first time spoken about her impending marriage to Tablo, the leader of Korean hip hop group Epik High. During the shoot for her film "Girl Friends" in Yangyang, Gangwon Province, on Thursday afternoon, Kang said, "After news of my pregnancy and wedding was reported, I could have been exposed to criticism from the public, but fortunately I received a lot of congratulations and encouragement. I am grateful."

Early this month, Kang confessed that she was five week's pregnant and said she and Tablo will get married in October. Their romantic relationship became public in February.

Tablo is busy with his new album and I'm also busy with the shooting of the film, we don't even have time to talk about our future," Kang said, "We are young, and we are unprepared in many ways. But Tablo is being considerate and that makes me feel comfortable."

"Girl Friends" is a romantic comedy about three women who love the same man and end up becoming best friends. Shooting began in August, and the film is released in December.


source : Chosun

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