Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sung Yoo-ri Debuts on Big Screen

Actress Sung Yoo-ri, who has debuted on big screen in the movie "Maybe," recently made the statement, "It was great pressure for me because my face filled the entire screen and my acting was shown to everyone in the world. But we were able to finish the shoot smoothly thanks to the support of the production team. Now it's up to viewers to judge if it was good or not." At the production announcement for the movie on October 5 at Lotte Avenue, Sung introduced herself as a "new actress."

"Maybe" is a story about May, a woman who was adopted in the U.S. when she was young and visited her home country 23 years later in search of her identity. To portray her character, Sung had to perfectly depict the feelings of despair, loss and hope without saying many lines.

Sung said, "Unlike my previous characters, May doesn't talk much. I had to portray her feelings through facial expressions, so I thought a lot of what I would think if I were her. I also watched documentaries about adopted children and learned English."

"The production team hardly ever talked to me because I didn't have to say many lines. At first, I liked it but then it became boring. I chose this movie because of its exotic and unusual scenario," added the actress.

Jang Hyuk, who plays a taxi driver with a rare heart disease, said Sung worked hard and lauded her acting skills as natural. He also added that he liked his character for his refusal to give up and his efforts to do his best. He said, "Despite his heart disease, my character continues to live to the fullest and even meets new women. That's why I told the director that I wanted to take this tole."

"Maybe" was directed by Joo Ji-hong, who debuted in France in 2004. It is his first domestic production, and it was invited to the 14th Pusan International Film Festival in the category "Korean Film Today - Panorama."

"Maybe" is slated for release on October 22.

source: KBS Global

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