Thursday, August 05, 2010

Can Wonbin Take On DiCaprio and Jolie?

The movie "???" or "Mister" started showing in theatres in Korea on August 4th. This is the first project where Wonbin is the one main star. No equally-ranked co-star to share the limelight with.

Currently, the Korean box offices are being dominated by Leonardo Dicaprio's hit "Inception" and?the Angelina Jolie-starring "Salt" with each bringing in 3 million and 1.5 million viewers, respectively. "Mister" received favorable reviews after the media screening so all eyes are on the domestic flick to see if it an tackle out the two international blockbusters. Especially so because?another popular Korean movie, "Ikki", failed to maintain its top status against them.

Reviews?included "this is breaking new ground for action movies", "Wonbin is showing a new never-before-seen transformation", "the best example of Wonbin's charm and talents", and "the soundtrack is the perfect accompaniament to the well-made action scenes".

The story is about a lonely man (played by Wonbin)?who keeps to himself, away from the rest of the world. His only friend is his female next door neighbor Somi, played by Kim Sae-ron, who requires rescuing when she's kidnapped by a crime gang. This thus leads Wonbin's character to come out of his hermit-hole to save her.

source : KBS Global

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Sunny Side-Up said...

I like Mister better than Salt. I have yet to see Inception.