Friday, November 19, 2010

Song Seung Hun’s ‘Ghost’ Ranks Second at Japanese Box Office

The much-talked-about movie “Ghost: In Your Arms Again,” in which Hallyu star actor Song Seung Hun and Japanese star actress Nanako Matsushima appear together, has been released in Japan and ranked in second place at the Japanese box office.

According to a Japanese research institute, “Ghost: In Your Arms Again,” which is a remake of the movie "Ghost" starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, had been released all around Japan on November 13 and ranked second at the weekend box-office.

In the film, Korean potter Joon Ho (Song Seung Hun) meets a successful CEO Nanami (Nanako Matsushima) in Tokyo and they fall in love with each other. But Nanami leaves this world due to a sudden accident and she comes back to see Joon Ho as a ghost. A sensitive melodrama, “Ghost : In Your Arms Again“ will be released in Korea on November 25.

source: KBS Global

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