Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kim Hye-ja & "Mother" Get Nods From LAFCA

The Korean film "Mother" released earlier this year seems to have made an impression abroad. Or it has with the LA film critics anyway.

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) announced on December 12th (local time), the winning actors/actresses and film projects that they felt were noteworthy from 2010. Actress Kim Hye-ja was awarded with the Best Actress Award for her outstanding performance in the movie "Mother". The runner-up behind her was Jennifer Lawrence in the movie "Winter's Bone". On top of that, LAFCA also felt the Korean project was the second best foreign film to show in the US this year, placing it only behind the movie "Carlos".

"Mother" is about a mother's a desperate struggle to clear her son's name of false murder charges. Playing the mother of the son (played by Wonbin), Kim Hye-ja also won the Asia Pacific Screen Awards for Best Female Actress this past November and the Asia Film Awards for Best Actress in Hong Kong last March.

The LAFCA is an organization founded in 1975, made up of film critics based in Los Angeles. They come together to vote on some of the best actors, actresses, directors, screenplays, movies, etc. for the year during the month of December. The best overall film for 2010 was "The Social Network" and the Best Actor Award went to Colin Firth for his role in "The King's Speech".

source: KBS Global


Sunny Side-Up said...

Mother is a real piece of work. I really like how the beginning ties in with the end.

Angela said...

Mothe is amazing. Beautiful movie with an even more beautiful ending.