Wednesday, November 29, 2006

South Korea's Tae-yong wins Greek film award

SALONIKA: Korean writer-director Kim Tae-yong won the award for the best feature film at the 47th Salonika International Film Festival on Sunday. Tae-yong, 37, won the 37,000 euro (47,450 dollar) Golden Alexander award for his film "Gajokeui Tansaeng" ("Family Ties"), which followed his 1999 debut "Yeogo Goedam II" ("Memento Mori").

The korean film, which also shared the award for the best scenario and has yet to be shown in European cinemas, describes the chaotic relationships of a family which has been reunited.The second prize, the Silver Alexander and its 22,000 euro (28,200 dollar) cheque went to went to Iranian Mona Zandi Haghighi for her film "Friday Afternoon" ("Asr-E Jomeh") which recounts the tale of two sisters who were reunited after a long separation. Brazilian Karim Ainouz shared the prize for the best scenario with Tae-yong for his film "O Ceu de Suely" ("Suely in the Sky"). American producer Christine Vachon presided over the jury. The official selection included 14 full-length features by young directors on their first or second films.

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