Thursday, December 07, 2006

kim rae won new movie"sunflower"

Starring:Kim Rae WonKim
Hae-sook Heo In-jae
Release Date: November 23, 2006
Tae-shik wants nothing more than to forget about his checkered past and live the rest of his life quietly and at peace with the world. However, the world is not quite yet ready to let him do that. Tae-shik is played by Kim Rae-won (Mr Socrates, My Little Bride) and he is joined in the cast by veteran actress Kim Hae-sook (The Ghost, My Brother) and Heo In-jae (A Dirty Carnival). Writing and directing the film is Kang Seok-beom who also wrote and directed Mr Handy. His writing credits also included last year's financial success My Boss My Teacher. This Eye Vision Entertainment action-drama will be ready to hit the theaters via Showbox on November
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C said...

THIS HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST MOVIES I'VE EVER SEEN!!!Kim Rae Won did a really great job, I was really impressed. I also have to give props to the writer and director, a really great movie, sad but great. said...

I just recently seen the movie and correct me if i'm wrong but i really wonder why he didn't get an award for that very beautiful performance... he really did extremely good on the movie. i highly recommend it for those who wanted see a real actor in a film... aja rae won!