Tuesday, December 05, 2006

" Love Me Not" Moon Geun-Young new movie

staring Moon Geun-young and Kim Joo-hyuck, has hit the net.
The Synopsis :A man blinded by love,A girl awakened by love.

Release date: November 9, 2006Julian is known as a legendary womanizer in the his field. He allures women with all soft and seductive words only to take what he wants and desert them without a single hesitation.

One day he gets arrested when one of his "clients" commits suicide for her serious case of embezzlement and Julian's prime days seem forever lost.Tae-ho - a friend of Julian's - and Gwang-soo - a vicious creditor to Julian - are the only ones waiting for him at his release.

Gwang-soo, behind his friendly smile, has the guts to kill his debtors when they cannot pay him within due time and sell their bodily organs to make ends meet. Julian will be his next victim if he doesn't pay off his debt of 2.8 billion WON in a month.A lawyer phones desperate Julian one day, looking for a guy called Ryu Jin who, the lawyer says, are to inherit billions of WON. To clear his debt, Julian decides to visit the lawyer, pretending to be that long-lost heir.Julian's extemporaneous nature serves him well again this time.

The lawyer and the people concerned start to believe that Julian is the heir they are looking for. But his supposedly sister Ryu Min seems to be the last person to trust him and shows chilly attitude. Min, also being the heiress to the big fortune, is blind due to some disease she suffered when young. Julian plans to murder Min to steal the huge sum and Tae-ho stays with him to witness the approaching happy ending of his friend.

As Julian's acting goes on, Min's closed heart start to open while Julian's anxiety over his own safety intensifies. Gwang-soo, the creditor warns him, "No sympathies for you to spare. Don't forget this is only a fake show".One day, Julian tails after Min who goes out all by herself and tries to harm her. But realizing that the outing was all about buying him a birthday present, Julian's malicious intention begins to melt...
Love Me Not is set for an 11-9-2006 Korean Release

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