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The Story Behind the Filming of “April Snow”

During his interview, Bae Yong Joon revealed some of the story behind the filming of “April Snow”, which took place from early February to late June.

Go Stop: “The scene where I play Go Stop with Son Ye Jin in the hotel room was not acting. It’s was a real situation. During break time I was playing Go Stop with the producer and director, and we decided to add the filming of Son Ye Jin and myself playing Go Stop into the movie. My actual score was more than 100 scores higher than Son Ye Jins, and her line ‘recount to see if you got it right’ was not from a script, but her real response to the situation.”

Heo Jin Ho I: “Director Lee Jae Yong of my previous movie ’Scandal’ is the type of person who has in mind the camera angle, screen size, the actor’s physique and facial expressions in an accurately calculated way when he comes on to the filming set. But Director Heo is the very opposite. He will throw a comment like ‘this might be the scene where Insoo begins to feel attracted to Seo Young.’ And will add ’let’s try the scene with this in mind.’ “

Heo Jin Ho II: “Just because he doesn’t make any specific requests of the actors, it doesn’t mean you can think lightly of him. It may seem like he’s not watching, but he knows exactly what’s going on in the actors’ minds. There was a scene which we had to film over and over again, and I was pretty worn out. He called a break with the comment,’“do you really have to raise your hands that way?’ “

Drinks: The scene where I sit drunk and cry at a BBQ restaurant was not acting, but was a real situation. This was the first time I’ve acted while drinking real alcohol. I get red in the face when I drink, and because of this I never tried acting while really drunk. But this time, I felt I needed to drink if I really wanted to understand Insoo.

“He’s dead.”: This is what Insoo says to his wife about the man she’s been having an affair with when she wakes up from her coma. Although the speech line was short, it was truly difficult to act out. This line had to be the overtone of the underlying joy of the fact that his wife has recovered, the anger he feels about his wife’s affair, and his guilt of his attraction to Seo Young.

Son Ye Jin: She may be young, but her values of life and acting are very sincere and in depth. She’s also an active reader. She was always carrying around a book on the set, and a few days later, she would be carrying around a different book.

This article has been translated from Sports Today.
Picture courtesy of Sports Today.

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