Wednesday, June 20, 2007

[ Korean movie 2007 ] Unstoppable Marriage

Production : Mnet Media and Culture Media
Director : Kim Song Ook

Releasing Date : May 10, 2007

Cast : Eugene Kim & Ha Suk-jin

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Eun-ho, a daughter of Ji-man the Feung Shui expert who lives up to tradition inheritance, and Ki-baek, the only son of Mal-nyon who is both a tycoon in Kangnam-gu and a leader in luxury, rode a paraglider and had an minor accident. They grew up and live in the different backgrounds so that they fight like a cat and dog over everything. Even though they hate each other, at the same time, they come to fall for each other and become a couple. The only matter is to obtain each family’s consent.


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Dr. Stan Glick said...

Really enjoyed this delightful romantic comedy. For me, the young couple were the least interesting characters, though both are fine actors. The supporting cast, especially the doctor's mother, were what gave the film its flavor and zing.

Anonymous said...

i loved this movie!! the guy's mom was hilarious!!

..and i liked the couple as well... but mostly because i'm a big fan of Eugene & Ha Suk-Jin (I just wasn't feelin' his hair though..hehe)

Anonymous said...

can anyone give me a link to download dis english subtitle?i have dis movie but no sub

Feitan said...

i love this movie!!!!

Can anyone tell me where can i watch FEEL SO GOOD and THAT MAN BOOK 198 PIECES