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Song Hye Gyo, "Hwangjini only held one man in her heart."

Song Hye Gyo's Hwangjini was majestic. During a time where social rank determined all, she ridiculed society amidst falling from the top to lowest of classes, delightfully stripped off the falsehood of intellect, and held only one man in her heart.

The movie '
Hwangjini' meets audiences on the 6th. With a total production budget of 10 billion KRW, Director Jang Yoon Heon of the movies 'Contact' and 'Tell Me Something' holding the megaphone, and renown staff within the film industry, and especially Song Hye Gyo who plays the role of 'Hwangjini' provide plenty of reason to look forward to the opening.

Despite the frequent questioning of the similarities in character with the
drama version, 'Hwangjiny' starring Ha Ji Won, she most likely felt that she was being asked less of them once the movie was premiered. Seeing the movie clearly shows the differences from the drama series.

Hwangjiny's character is one I always wanted to take a challenge at, but I worry that the opportunity has come too soon. I hesitated as this is only my second film wondering if I would be able to perform well. But thinking about it, I turned 27 this year. I felt I would never be able to do it again if I let this opportunity pass. So telling myself I can do it if I give it my best, I decided to take the role."

Song Hye Gyo
says she did not think of other things as the burden of the character Hwangjiny itself was so great.

There are many close-up scenes throughout the movie. The entire screen is full of Song Hye Gyo's expression. Even in the rather intimate scene with a district magistrate, she had to express everything through her facial expressions so perhaps it could have been burdensome

"I realized there were many close-up shots after the movie was finished. Since various cuts are filmed on set, I was not aware of which scene would be used. Burdensome? No. I had the script with me at all times as soon as I decided to take the role. After living six months as Hwangjiny and speaking with the director, I feel as if I have become Hwangjiny herself. And thankfully I was able to focus each moment on becoming her."

Until now, her image has been pure, innocent, and cute. There was concern that a person with such character would not e able to express the heart of a matured lady. But she was able to rid of those concerns completely through the character that only holds one man in her heart.

"I wasn't aware, but people said my eyes have changed because of Hwangjiny while I was filming. I guess there was something. It feels good to hear that I look more matured."

movie Hwangjiny calmly depicts the ups and downs of Hwangjiny's life. There is confidence in being of noble class, and the anger in become demoted to the servant rank. And there is love.

"If Hwangjiny, as a '
kisaeng,' fell into the arms of many men easily, would we remember her? Though she was a 'kisaeng,' she was able to be confident as she only held the love for one man in her heart. Hwangjiny is a truly blessed person as she was able to find the love to hold her entire life."

Song Hye Gyo, in regards to her acting, also commented, "I feel I have started to realize the true meaning of acting slightly and now the greed for acting is growing more." She says she wishes to continuously choose new roles and act.

"I want to attempt acting I have never tried before. It doesn't matter if it is a movie of
drama series. I want to appear in drama series as well. But I do want to do well enough in films to be able to proudly be referred to as the 'Movie Actress Song Hye Gyo,' at least for now."


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