Monday, July 09, 2007

'Black House' to Open in Japan in October

The Korean thriller 'Black House,' starring veteran actor Hwang Jeong-min, will open in 250 theaters in Japan in October.

The hit film is based on a best-selling Japanese novel that has sold a million copies.

A film official says that Black House has received overwhelming praise by Japanese film people and that its release date in Japan has been set.

Its opening at some 250 cinemas is reminiscent of the opening of the
Korean blockbuster 'The Host.' Such fanfare in what is considered the home country of horror films is especially meaningful.

In the movie, Hwang plays an insurance surveyor who looks into a murder case that the police have confirmed as a suicide. The story revolves around his struggle with a psychopath whom he encounters on the crime site.

In Korea, Black House led all horror movies in number of theater screenings and maintained the number one box office position for eight weeks.

source: kbs grobal

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