Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Son Ye Jin, returns to the screen in two years as a femme fatal pickpocket

Top star Son Ye Jin will turn into an 'international' pickpocket.

In the upcoming movie '
Open City' directed by Lee Sang Ki, Son Ye Jin will act as the boss of a pickpocket organization displaying her femme fatal charm.

Scheduled to open in December, she is appearing on screen two years after the movie '
The Art of Seduction' which opened in 2005.

The movie has especially gathered attention as she will be partnering with actor Kim Myung Min of the
MBC drama series 'White Tower.'

'Open City' which depicts the conflict between an international pickpocket organization and an investigation team will feature
Son Ye Jin who rids of her innocent image in a seductive and strong character.

Her character Baek Jang Mi grows her organization with her charm femme fatal charm, making any man want to give up everything to be with her.

But falling in love with Kim Myung Min, a member of the investigating team, she cannot hide her identity as a female and her painful past.

Son Ye Jin
is currently training for the action scenes in the movie that will crank in at the end of this month.

source: broasia

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I love Son Ye Jin^_^ and i love her movies^_^ MORE POWER TO U!!!