Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jeon Ji Hyun, "Would choose a movie that my children can watch"

At the press conference held on the 7th for the upcoming film "The man who used to be Superman," Jeon Ji Hyun commented that she selects pieces that her children will be able to watch.

In regards to a question asking whether she would choose a smoking scene or love scene, "Actors also have to make decisions based on their thoughts, but I would choose a movie that my children can later watch."

Director Jung Yoon Cheol who also attended the conference added jokingly, "Ji Hyun would probably not choose a love scene unless it is directed by someone like Director
Ang Lee (of Se, jie, 'Lust, Caution')."

Hwang Jung Min who plays the main male lead that believes himself to be Superman commented, "We had to film one scene that expressed many complicated emotions 34 times for over a three day period to get an 'OK' sign. Ji Hyun was fine on the first cut, but I felt bad because we had to repeat the scene because of me."

He also added, "Trying to make myself believe that I am Superman was the hardest part of this movie. Acting is supposed to be from the heart and not calculated in the head, and that was only possible because I worked with Ji Hyun."

Director Jung added, "The actors most likely had a hard time because the spectrum of emotions required for the movie was equivalent to that of several movies. Ji Hyun said before that she would like the superpower to act well, and I think she has gained that power to a certain extent."

Director Jung, who also produced "Marathon," in "The man who used to be Superman" draws the story of a rather cynical human documentary producer Song Soo Jung (Jeon Ji Hyun) and the man (Hwang Jung Min) who helps everyone around him believing himself to be Superman.

source: broasia

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