Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lee Na-young to Star Opposite Japan’s Joe Odagiri

Korea’s favorite actress Lee Na-young will play opposite Japanese star Joe Odagiri in a new film by acclaimed director Kim Ki-duk called “Bimong” meaning “secret dream.” The filming of “Bimong” began on Friday in Seoul.

“Bimong” is a mysterious film in which dreams and reality merge together. The main character (played by
Joe Odagiri) dreams that he caused a car accident, then goes to the place where the dream occurred, only to discover an actual hit and run accident. The police track down the suspected driver (Lee Na-young), who they find in her home sleepwalking. She’s arrested but insists that she was never involved in a car accident. Joe then admits to having caused the accident and their dreams and reality start to become intertwined.

Having worked with Chinese star Chen Chang in his mesmerizing film “Breath,” Director Kim is highly favorable toward working with foreign performers. Film buffs in both Korea and Japan are also excitedly waiting to see the collaboration between Korea’s sweetheart Lee and Japan’s indie film star Odagiri.

source: KBS WORLD

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