Friday, April 04, 2008

Hyeon Bin, Screen Comeback with movie "I Am Happy"

After two years, Hyeon Bin will be coming back to the screen since "A Millionaire's First Love". He wasn't involved in anything after drama "Snow Queen".

On the 20th, he posted a message at his fan café titled, 'You've waited a long time', revealing his comeback. "I'm really busy these days. I've been trying to prepare a good work for our family, but it's taking longer than I thought". He revealed the reason why he hasn't been coming out a lot.

He also said, "I'm going to be filming a movie from next week. It's a movie called "I Am Happy", and many great actors come out. I'm also working with a great director and a good staff".

He said, "I think it's something that I can be born again with, and something I can learn from. I'll try my best to show you a different side of me. I'm thankful to my fans for supporting me, and I hope I can show you great results".

Director Yoon Jong-chan, who has become famous through "Sorum" and "Blue Swallow", will be working on this movie. Hyeon Bin will show a totally different side of him.

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