Friday, April 04, 2008

Lee Jeong-jae & Jeong Ryeo-won, Lovers in "Mellows"

Lee Jeong-jae and Jeong Ryeo-won will be acting as lovers on the screen.

They confirmed to star in the movie "Mellows", which will start filming late April, and are now working on the details.

"Mellows" is a melodrama portraying the love between an insurance inspector whose wife committed suicide and a blind woman who had been in a coma for a year. "Mellows" has drawn great interest, as it is a new movie by Director Song Hae-seong, who also produced "Failan" and "Our Happy Time".

Because it is love with someone in a coma, it will contain a feeling of fantasy as it goes back and forth from fantasy to reality.

There is great interest to see the on-screen chemistry between Lee Jeong-jae, who is coming back to the screen after a long break after "Riot in a Bar in 1724", and Jeong Ryeo-won, whose first movie was "2 Faces of My Girlfriend".

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