Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lee Wan, Cast as main character for movie "Goose's Dream" - transformation into a boxer

Actor Lee Wan was cast as the main character for "Goose's Dream" after the movie "Boys Don't Cry", set to come out this fall.

"Goose's Dream" is about the life and dream of a boy Jeong-woo (Lee Wan) who has gambled his life on boxing. It will be a low-budget film, produced by the Korean Film Council, KBS, and the Chonbuk Provincial Government as a HD movie.

Lee Wan plays Jeong-woo, who has been obsessed with boxing since he was young. After meeting Ki-chul (Im Kyeong-eob) who has an inborn talent for boxing, Jeong-woo gives up boxing and lives his own life.

The theme of this movie is that the achievement of a dream starts with not giving up that dream. It is to embrace the hearts of those who have difficulties because of the separation between their dreams of youth and dreams of reality.

Lee Wan is showing his passion by receiving training every day from a former national boxer. He said, "There is a lot of pressure but I want to learn so I don't look awkward as a boxer".

Lee Wan worked so hard that his trainer asked him if he had any thought of seriously pursuing boxing.

The movie that contains the transformation of Lee Wan into a boxer and the story of dreams that will unite generations will start filming on May 29.

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