Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'New husband' Jang Hyeok, Crazy about pictures after getting role of photographer

'New husband' Jang Hyeok is coming back to the screen after four years and is crazy about pictures.

Jang Hyeok
is studying photography, for he will play a photographer in the movie "Penthouse Elephant", which starts filming in June.

In order to fully get into the role, he has been receiving private tutoring in photography.

He is showing his passion for photography, for the pictures he took himself will appear in the movie.

The movie "
Penthouse Elephant" is about the friendship and the love of three men, and will reveal it in a fantastical and sensational sense. Lee Sang-woo and Jo Dong-hyeok were also cast.

Jang Hyeok had a private wedding with ballerina Kim Yeo-jin, two years his senior, on June 2, at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

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